Top 6 Tips And Tricks To Keep Potatoes From Browning
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Brown potatoes are not a cause for concern. They are, however, unappealing. Therefore, you may be asking how to prevent potatoes from browning. The starches in potatoes oxidise when they are exposed to oxygen. The same is true for pears, apples, and bananas.

However, there are a few simple techniques to reduce the rate of oxidation. Your potatoes will continue to be golden. So let's get started on preventing the browning of potatoes. and techniques for meal preparation like a potato pro.

If you comprehend the science involved, preventing potatoes from turning brown is simple. When oxygen is present, they become brown. Therefore, minimising their exposure to the air or adding a little acid are two ways to keep them golden.

The 6 Ways You Can Ensure Your Potatoes Stay Golden

Avoid Early Peeling:

We're all for dishes that can be prepared ahead of time, but a simple approach to avoiding oxidation is to not leave the cut potatoes out for an extended period of time. If time permits, prepare the potatoes by peeling and slicing them just before cooking.

Use Cold Water:

Using cold water is the simplest (and most popular) way to prevent the browning of your priceless potatoes. The oxidation process is greatly slowed down when potatoes are placed in water. Grated potatoes brown even more quickly than cubed ones, so get them in water as soon as possible.

Just enough cold water should be added to a bowl to cover the potatoes by an inch or so. To keep your potatoes as white as possible, hold your grater squarely over the bowl and shred them into the water.

Add An Acid:

Try combining the whole, chopped, or sliced potatoes with an acid, like lemon juice or vinegar. Combine all of the ingredients. Alternately, put the potatoes in a dish of water after adding acid. While the acidic liquid will change the pH of the potatoes to prevent oxidation, lemon juice or vinegar won't give the potatoes a lemon flavour.

Vitamin C Powder:

Additionally, you could add some vitamin C powder to the water before soaking the peeled potatoes. This helps keep them fresh as well. Before cooking, it is advised to wash them twice under running water.

Use A Glass Or Ceramic Dish:

Chemical oxidation is a process that can be sped up or slowed down by the materials used. As we've already discussed, oxidation can be slowed down or even reversed by lemon juice and vitamin C, but it can also be accelerated by metal dishes. Use a glass or ceramic dish to cook or serve your potatoes rather than cast iron, aluminium, or other metal containers.

Vacuum Pack:

Peeled potatoes' natural enemy is oxygen. Therefore, sending them into space is a fantastic alternative. Air exposure results in discolouration. However, vacuum sealers eliminate all of the air from the packaging, preserving its golden colour. In the refrigerator, vacuum-sealed potatoes remain fresh for one week.