Top 5 Beverages You Must Try When In Thailand
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Thailand, often known as the 'Land of Smiles,' is buzzing with all types of dishes, drinks, flavours, and fragrances, and it's safe to think that their drinks would be fantastic as well. With so many drinks and beverages on the market, it's easy to be confused about what to drink and what not to. Thailand is recognised for its delectable meals, snacks, and delectable fresh fruits and beverages.  

Check out these five incredible Thai beverages that you must taste at least once in your life. 

1.    Nom Yen 

It's a pretty pink coloured drink made with iced milk and sala syrup (a type of fruit syrup) which gives it a vibrant pink colour and tastes like strawberry milk. It is very popular among the kids in Thailand. The pink colour makes this look very pleasing to the eyes and would look good and so aesthetic on your Instagram feed as well.  

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2   Thai Iced Milk Tea 

Also called ‘chai yen’ it is the most popular drink amongst the youngsters in Thailand. It is orange in colour and is so sweet in taste that it almost tastes and feels like a dessert. People there even add the ‘boba’ (tapioca starch balls) into this drink to make it look so extravagant.  

The best part about this drink is that you can serve it hot too.  

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3.  Grass Jelly Drink 

This drink is widely available in Thailand, and you can find it practically anywhere. They manufacture gelatinous cubes that look like jelly in any flavour you want. These cubes can be added to any drink for a unique twist and flavour, even simple coconut or plain water. The jelly's flavour would do its job and make even plain water taste exquisite. 

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4.  Coconut water  

You will be wasting your time in Thailand if you do not try the simple, classic coconut water. You'd think that since it's available everywhere, no one would want to try it, but you'd be wrong. 

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5.  Sugarcane juice 

Perfectly refreshing and amazingly sweet, you would find so many sellers selling this sweet cold beverage for the locals and tourists. No one can resist a glass or two of sugarcane juice and that's a fact.   

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Bookmark this list for the next time you would be visiting Thailand as it is going to come very handy.  And don’t forget to click photos of these yummy and beautiful looking drinks for the gram.