Top 4 Stainless Steel Kadhais To Elevate Your Cooking Game
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In most Indian kitchens, stainless steel utensils are a staple. One cannot imagine a kitchen without steel cookware. Made with a combination of steel, nickel, and several other metals, this material is known for its durability, rust-resistance power, and heat-transferring ability. Moreover, stainless steel utensils are easy to clean and store as well. They are also extremely durable and do not corrode even after regular use. No wonder stainless steel has always been a popular choice for most of us. An important utensil in the kitchen is a deep-base pan, or kadhai, and it is one utensil that many of us prefer to buy in stainless steel. It is a utensil that can help with multi-purpose cooking, and you can use it for deep frying, sautéing, cooking, and much more.

While there are many stainless steel kadhai options on the market, we've got you covered with four of the best.

1. Vinod Platinum Stainless Steel Triply Kadai with Lid

This kadhai is made of three layers of stainless steel and is suitable for both gas and induction stoves. The lid that comes with it also helps you store food safely after cooking and before consumption. The kadhai uses 18/8 stainless steel, the most superior of all, on the inner surface for healthy cooking.


2. Sumeet Stainless Steel Kadhai with Glass Lid

Another option for an induction- and gas-stove-friendly kadhai, this product by Sumeet comes with a glass lid that helps you see when your food is cooked. This easy-to-clean kadhai comes in four different capacities, with the maximum being 3 litres.

 ASIN ID - B07YC739KM   

3. Allo CookSafe Stainless Steel Kadhai 

Free of chemical coatings, this kadhai is made with 100% cook-safe stainless steel. Besides, this kadhai helps save fuel by heating faster. Its aluminium layer retains heat for a longer period and saves fuel.

 ASIN ID - B09BR89FWY   

4. Milton Pro Cook Stainless Steel Kadhai

With a steel base and thick aluminium core inside, this cookware evenly distributes heat and cooks faster as compared to normal stainless-steel cookware. While its glossy mirror finish on the outside and matte finish inside lend a premium feel, the firmly riveted stainless steel handle with two rivets helps ensure long-lasting usage. Moreover, this kadhai has a specially designed rolled edge at the top for drip-less pouring.