Top 4 Japanese Dishes To Try
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We are all surrounded by diverse types of food from all over the world, and if you are a foodie it would be a crime not to sample them all at least once in our lives. Japan is a country whose cuisine is rich in flavours, colours, and fragrances. Japanese cuisine is well-known among the public because it employs a variety of ingredients in the preparation of its dishes, and its use of seasonal spices is generally well-balanced, making it simpler for people to enjoy their meals. 

Here are four Japanese delicacies that you must try to sample the best of the cuisine. 


1.    Sushi  

We can't really begin the discussion of Japanese cuisine without discussing the most popular snack, "sushi," which is a dish made with vinegered rice and other components like shrimp or veggies. Sushi was invented in the 1820s by Hanaya Yohei, and it has since become a popular dish all over the world. Sushi has been extremely popular among young people in recent years due to its unique flavour combination. It is served cold with wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce. 


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2.    Onigiri 

Onigiri, often known as "rice balls," is a famous Japanese snack composed of white rice that is shaped into circular or triangular shapes and wrapped in nori (Seaweed). Onigiri, also known as Omusubi, was invented in the late "yayoi period," when it was used as a snack by people on picnics. Onigiri can be eaten cold or grilled, according to our preferences. 



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3.    Yakitori- Grilled Chicken Skewers  

Yakitori is a popular Japanese chicken dish in which chicken is sliced into soft bits or pieces and then grilled to perfection on bamboo skewers. (This is known as kushiyaki) It's a traditional Japanese meal served as a light snack before dinners and at gatherings. It's mildly salted and peppered, yet it's not terribly spicy. This meal has a crisp to tender texture that is neither too soft nor too firm. The smoky flavour comes from cooking over charcoal. Spices including powdered cayenne pepper, shichimi, Japanese pepper, black pepper, and wasabi are frequently used to season yakitori. 


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4.    Tempura  

It entails deep frying things such as meat, seafood, and vegetables after coating them in a flour and egg batter. Tempura is frequently served with "Tentsuyu" sauce. It's a kombu (kelp) or dried bonito (dried fish flakes) broth with mirin and soy sauce. Tempura was first discovered in the 16th century during the Muromachi period. Shrimp and prawns continue to be the most popular tempura options.  

However, new types are now available in the stores, such as eggplant tempura and mushroom tempura. 

The frying method used makes this dish crispy and delicious.  

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