Top 10 Ramadan Delights To Have In Frazer Town, Bangalore

As Ramzan approaches, every Bangalore resident knows that Mosque Road is where all the must-try iftar treats can be found. You can easily identify Mosque Road as you go around Frazer Town by the enticing aroma of kebabs, spices, and charcoal smoke wafting through the air. There are a plethora of vendors selling what we think are the best kebabs in Bangalore, making it feel like a food carnival. Even though the counters and stands where the famous restaurants serve their food are always bustling with customers. Here are 10 spots in Frazer Town that locals swear by—and we'll even tell you what to eat at each one! 

Chicken Quiche from Albert Bakery in Frazer Town, Bangalore recommended by @chowdersingh 

Enjoy the iconic Chicken Quiche from Albert Bakery, a gem situated in Frazer Town, Bangalore. Despite its English name, this 100-year-old institution is proudly owned and operated by a Muslim family. Renowned for its unique offerings, Albert Bakery's Chicken Quiche is not a traditional quiche but rather an open puff pastry generously filled with savoury chicken goodness. Distinguished from typical bakeries in Bangalore, it boasts top-notch quality and exceptional taste. Albert Bakery's Chicken Quiche is making it a must-visit destination for those seeking delicious and distinctive treats. 

Creamy Chicken at Mosque Road recommended by @foodiegorilla 

At Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore, you won't want to miss the delicious Creamy Chicken during Ramadan. The delicate chicken is wrapped in a delicate batter of creamy masala in this mouth-watering meal, and the rich flavours explode in your mouth as you savour each bite. Enjoy this creamy treat during Ramadan, whether you're breaking your fast or having a late-night feast. It will fulfil your cravings and make your eating experience more satisfying. 

Bun Paya at Mosque Road recommended by @foodiegorilla 

Stop by the famous Bun Paya on Mosque Road in Frazer Town, Bangalore, to experience the Ramadan delicacies. The Hindi word for "legs" (paya) refers to the seasoned trotters of various animals, such as cows, goats, buffalo, or sheep. This meal, served with tender buns, is a mouth-watering combination of tastes and aromas. 

Patthar ka Gosht at Mosque Road recommended by @kaulketan 

In Bangalore's Frazer Town, on Mosque Road, you can find Patthar ka Gosht and its mouth-watering cuisine. This dish provides a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience as it is cooked on broad stones over flames. The unique flavours of the sizzling meat are a result of the spices that each vendor uses. Those visiting Mosque Road's thriving food scene who are meat-eaters should not miss this meal, which comes with onions and lemon. 

Mutton Mandi at Mattam Al Tur, Frazer Town recommended by @this_iswhatwe_eat 

Mattam Al Tur in Frazer Town is a hidden gem for real Middle Eastern food, and their Mutton Mandi is out of this world. Mandi is a classic Yemeni dish that combines fragrant spices, basmati rice, and soft mutton cooked in a slow cooker. The secret ingredient in this recipe is a specific method of cooking the meat and rice in a covered pot over a wood fire, which gives the dish its signature smokey flavour. Mutton Mandi, located in the middle of Bangalore, takes diners on a fantastic culinary adventure with its aromatic Arabian dishes, which come with tangy tomato chutney and a crisp salad. 

Haleem at Frazer Town recommended by @epicure_1993 

Frazer Town, Bangalore, serves the delectable Haleem, a meal that is often associated with Ramadan celebrations. Wheat, barley, lentils, and meat—usually beef or mutton—are slow-cooked to tenderness with aromatic spices in haleem, a stew-like thickening food. With its velvety texture and abundance of flavour, this filling meal is like putting butter on toast. Those breaking their fast in Frazer Town's lively streets can find solace and nourishment in Haleem, a cherished Ramadan classic served hot with fried onions, coriander, and a squeeze of lemon. 

Arabian Kunafa at Alzaramandi, Frazer Town recommended by @gladsdiaries 

Alzaramandi in Frazer Town serves delicious Arabian Kunafa. The Middle Eastern dessert kunafa is a fan favourite. It consists of delicate strands of shredded phyllo dough stacked with a sweet filling—typically cheese or nuts—and then covered in honey or sugar syrup. Crafted to perfection at Alzaramandi, this treat has a crispy outside and a deliciously creamy within. Kunafa is a sweet treat that will thrill anyone with a sweet craving because each mouthful offers a harmonious combination of tastes and scents. While in Frazer Town, make sure you stop at Alzaramandi to have this famous dessert. 

Mutton seekh kebab at Sheeshkebab, Frazer Town recommended by @yumyumbangalore 

Sheeshkebab in Frazer Town serves mouthwatering Mutton Seekh Kebab. Famous for its juicy and flavorful kebabs, this restaurant serves up a delicious masterpiece that even picky eaters will love. Tender and juicy kebabs overflowing with rich flavours are created as a result of precisely skewering and grilling finely minced mutton with aromatic spices. If you're a fan of kebabs in Frazer Town or anywhere else, you absolutely must try Sheeshkebab's Mutton Seekh Kebab, whether it's as an appetiser or a full dish. You're guaranteed to have an unforgettable dining experience. 

Halal Fried Chicken at Bigguy’s wingery, Frazer Town recomended by @letsexplorebangalore 

This chicken is prepared to perfection to meet the highest criteria of Halal certification, and it has a unique flavour that is unforgettable. Before being fried to perfection, each delicate piece is marinated in a secret blend of spices. With their mouthwatering and Halal-certified fried chicken, Bigguy's Wingery guarantees to fulfil any hunger pang, be it for a light snack or a more substantial dinner. Hit Bigguy's Wingery for wings that are authentic, delicious, and of the highest quality. 

Phirni at Rahhams, Frazer Town  

The classic dish Phirni has been a hit in Frazer Town's Rahhams Families Restaurant for many years. There are a lot of people on Mosque Road, but Rahhams has plenty of seats, so you can have a quiet family dinner there. Indulge in their mouthwatering selection of food, which includes aromatic biryani, tasty rolls, chicken kebabs, and Afghani kebabs. Desserts like the creamy rice pudding Phirni, flavoured with warm spices and garnished with almonds, are the perfect way to end a meal. At Rahhams, you can expect more than simply food—you can expect an experience rich with tradition and delicious food.