Tomato To The Rescue- 3 Cocktails You Should Not Miss Out On
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 We all know that tomatoes are the unsung heroes of our kitchen, since they are used in all of our meals, snacks, and dishes. We Indians can't imagine making any Indian dish without tomatoes.  They are the primary source of flavour and taste in our food, but have you ever tried utilizing them in beverages or cocktails? Many individuals are aware of tomato juice, but they choose conventional orange and mixed juice instead. What if we told you that you could use tomatoes in your cocktails and that you would be enjoying it too?  What better way to cool off than by pouring up a tomato cocktail or two in this sweltering heat? 

 Check out these recipes for the amazing tomato cocktails for your next evening party.  

 •    Bloody Mary 

We're sorry to shatter your bubble, but you're losing out on a fantastic beverage if you've been living under a rock and haven't tried this amazing cocktail. You'll keep going back for more of this spicy beverage. 

 Ingredients needed-  

    1 shot of vodka 

    ¾ cup of tomato juice 

    1 tbsp spicy Tabasco sauce 

    1tsp sea salt  

    Black pepper ( a pinch)  

    Two green olives 

    Ice cubes 


Take a cocktail shaker and put vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce and all salt and pepper and shake it vigorously. Take a glass, fill it with ice cubes, strain the drink and pour it over the ice cubes. Garnish with olives.  

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     Tomato Paloma 

This cocktail will truly blow your mind; the perfect combination of grapefruit, tequila, and tomato will have you begging for another drunken glass. This drink's excellent blend of sweet and savoury flavours will make it your next go-to cocktail, and it's also quite simple to make. 


    Tequila -1 shot 

    Tomato juice- ½ glass 

    Sugar-1 tsp 

    Grapefruit juice-½ glass 

    Lemon juice- 1 tbsp 

    Club soda-½ glass 

    Mint for garnish 


Combine grapefruit juice, lime juice and sugar in a glass and mix it properly. Take another glass and mix together tequila and tomato, pour it over the grapefruit juice mix. Add ice cubes and top it off with club soda. garnish with mint leaves and serve.  

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    Tomato Spritz 

This cocktail is a great boozy refresher for those long afternoons, and it's also great for brunches with girl friends or family get-togethers. 


    Martini-1 shot 

    ½ cup- tomato juice 

    Club soda to top  

    Prosecco to top  

    Cherry tomatoes- for garnish 


Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker except the club soda and prosecco. Add the mix into a glass and top it off with both soda and prosecco. Add ice cubes if needed.  

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 Tomato cocktails aren't as popular as other drinks, but they're nonetheless delicious. These cocktails aren't everyone's favourite, but if created and prepared properly, they'll be the star of your party. These cocktails are not just alcoholic, but they are also good for your skin because tomatoes are high in vitamin C. As a result, this is a win-win situation. Try out these simple cocktail recipes.