Toddler Making Fried Rice Impresses Netizens With His Cooking Skills
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @sonikabhasin

The internet is one place that you can never get bored of. Especially when it comes to food, we have all sorts of fun videos to explore. Be it bizarre food combinations by bloggers or the kitchen experiments, we have all sorts of street food videos making us drool. And when everything else fails, there are toddler videos. But you might have only seen those videos where a toddler is trying a dish for the first time. We have got a new one in which a toddler is sure to impress you. 

A video has been going viral, in which an adorable toddler is seen making a delicious plate of fried rice. Yes, you read that right. And no, it is not any generic video, but the kid is indeed cooking fried rice full of veggies! And how impressive his amazing skills are! 

In the clip shared by Instagram user @sonikabhasin, we can see the toddler making some tasty fried rice. You can see the child standing on a stool to reach the gas stove, this is when his mom asks him what he is cooking, to which he cutely responds, saying, “Fried rice.” Then when prodded by his mother, he reveals the vegetables that he added. He says, "Onion, garlic, beans, and capsicum." He then goes on to add the rice to the pan with some help; stirs it well and further mentions, "Once the fried rice is cooked, then I will put some eggs." Take a look at his full video below:

The video has garnered a lot of reactions online and has gone viral ever since posted. It already has more than 250K views and over 17K likes with hundreds of comments full of appreciation. "A very talented young man" read one comment, while another wrote, "Wow! He is so independent! Kudos to you." Someone also said, "That was so cute and adorable."

A lot of comments were about how it breaks stereotypes and applauded the toddler’s mother. "This is nice to see that his mother is breaking stereotypes. Hats off to her firstly", said one user. Another person said, "Adorable! More parents of sons have to do this to break the mindset that kitchen work by default is feminine!! I love how easily Abir switches between English and Hindi!"

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