Toast To Maggi: 8 Quick And Easy Recipes To Make In A Hostel
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Many people might agree that living in a hostel was the most memorable experience of their lives. You can be a part of so many adventures, make new friends, and also learn to be independent. If there is one thing that all the hostel students can agree upon, then it has to be their mutual dislike for the hostel food.

How often, as a hostel student, have you dreaded home-cooked meals? Most hostels might not even permit cooking or provide a kitchenette. Well, to solve this problem, here are some quick and easy recipes that you can make in your hostel room without using any complex kitchen equipment. An induction stove and a pan can help fix many meals that are quite tasty and healthy as well. Here are 8 such recipes that you won't regret trying:

* Vegetable Maggie

Maggie is undoubtedly the most famous instant noodle in India. There are so many ways to make Maggi noodles, and they will taste different every single time. The best way to make your Maggie more nutritious is to add a lot of vegetables to it. You can simply cut some fresh vegetables, like onions, tomatoes, carrots, beans, mushrooms, capsicum, etc., to add to your maggie. To add more protein to it, you can add some pieces of cottage cheese or an egg even. These noodles can be made with a pan and an induction stove, or even with the help of your electric kettle, within a few minutes.

* Breakfast Toast

Making breakfast toast doesn't require you to use any kind of heat. All you have to do is slather some butter on the bread slice and top it with mashed avocado, peanut butter, jam, etc. to make a toast that gives you energy.

If you have an electric kettle, some eggs can be boiled and sliced to be topped with grated cheese on toasted bread to make an egg toastie. Or, you can make a fruit toast with some Greek yoghurt on your bread slice and cut fruits like grapes, oranges, bananas, etc. Also, making breakfast toast would not take more than five minutes of your time.

* Kurkure Chaat

This is an evening or late-night snack recipe when you do not feel like eating just packaged food. The Kurkure chaat is a no-heat recipe that can be elevated by mixing finely chopped onions, cucumbers, coriander leaves, and tomatoes with Kurkure crisps. Season with chaat masala and sprinkle some lemon juice, giving the Chatpata Kurkure a delightful upgrade. Enjoy it with a refreshing drink while watching a movie in your hostel room—an instant treat for your taste buds.

* Smoothie

Smoothies are also one of the quickest breakfast or evening snack options. To make a smoothie, you just need one kind of fruit that you would like to add to your smoothie and yoghurt. If protein powder is part of your diet, then you can also add a scoop of your protein powder. There are so many cup-size blenders available on the market these days. Invest in one and use it to blend the ingredients together. The cup-sized blender makes the smoothie in two minutes. You can directly drink the smoothie from the cup-size blender and continue with your work.

* Sandwich 

Sandwich is also quite hassle-free and doesn't need much of your time. Also, the best part about sandwiches is the ability to customise them as per your needs and taste preferences. You can add mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, and so many other things to your sandwiches. Having a sandwich maker helps a lot, as you can make sandwiches and also heat your bread easily.

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* Instant Oatmeal

Making instant oatmeal is as easy as making instant noodles. To make oatmeal, you just have to take some hot water and add oatmeal to it. The oatmeal will be cooked in no time. You can make it spicy by adding the spices of your choice. You can also make sweet oatmeal by using milk, oatmeal, and sugar. The resultant tastes like a sweet pudding that will be liked by everyone in your hostel.

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* Salad

Salad is another healthy recipe that you can try in your hostel. To make a salad, you can simply sauté some vegetables on a pan placed on an induction stove with the help of some butter or oil. You can also add a protein of your choice, which can be eggs, cottage cheese, or chicken. Once they are stir-fried, add a dash of mayonnaise, lemon juice, and olive oil, and sprinkle some salt and pepper. Mix it well, transfer the salad to a bowl or plate, and enjoy.

* Poha

Poha is also very easy to make and takes less than 10 minutes to get cooked. Heat some water in the electric kettle and pour it over a bowl of poha to soak it for a while. Drain the excess water after the poha softens. Chop some onions and tomatoes. Fry some ground nuts and chopped vegetables in some cooking oil on the pan. Add turmeric powder, garam masala, salt, and red chilli powder. Now add the poha and mix everything very well. Top the poha with some freshly chopped coriander leaves and enjoy it with tea.

Most of these recipes are very hassle-free, and you can easily make them in your hostel by arranging some simple ingredients. Having an electric kettle, a pan, and an induction stove can make your life very easy in a hostel, as you can cook a variety of dishes.