Toast For The Night: 7 Recipes For Late-Night Snack Attacks
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Bread toast may sound like a morning meal, but it can be a convenient option if you are lying awake in the middle of the night wondering how to shun hunger. With the ease of making and versatility, bread toast can be anything you are craving for, from sweet to savoury.

It's even better when you opt for whole grain or multigrain bread instead of white bread to add a nutritional profile to it. Plus, top it with nutritious ingredients including yoghurt, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats to make it a wholesome meal.

Whether you're craving for a cheesy treat or want something soothing and creamy, explore these seven delectable options and curb the late-night hunger.

7 Easy Toast Recipes For Late-Night Hunger Pangs

1) Masala Potato Toast

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All Indians love their potato masala sandwich like nothing else. This recipe is simple to make, filled with flavours and wholesome to eat. Just prepare a mashed potato masala, top it on toasted bread, add some grated cheese for flavour and cook it in a pan with a lid on. And you've made yourself a wholesome toast for the night.

2) Garlic Cheese Toast

Replicating the garlic bread with an Indian twist, this garlic toast gives a pungent hit with a satisfying pull of the cheese. All you have to do is top the toasted bread with cheese, herbs, spices, oregano and chilli flakes, then cook it in a pan with a lid on. As the cheese melts, all the flavours get infused, creating a tantalising snack.

3) Masala French Toast

Masala French toast, also called Bombay toast, gives a savoury and spicy twist to the French toast recipe. After dipping the bread slices in a whisked egg mixture with masala, it is fried on a pan on both sides until crispy then topped with cheese.

4)  Avocado Toast With Egg

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Avocado gives a refreshing and soothing flavour to your midnight toast and egg adds a layer of protein to it. The first layer on the toast is of flavoured mayonnaise, then sliced avocado and sunny side up tops it, creating a satisfying treat.

5) Hummus and Roasted Pepper Toast

Roasted peppers have a slight sweetness to them combined with a spicy flavour. When topped on toasted bread with spiced hummus, it creates a delectable fusion of flavours. Use capsicum, jalapeno pepper and big-sized chillies to roast on a girl or in an oven with some olive oil, then top it on the toast with some hummus spread.

6) Strawberry Cottage Cheese Toast

For the cravings of something sweet, this strawberry cheese toast is an instant hit. Layered with creamy cottage cheese spread and slices of fresh strawberries then drizzled with maple syrup or honey, this toast infuses an amusing flavour with every bite.

7) Baked Beans Toast with Cheese

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Baked beans can also be a satisfying addition to your late-night toast. Just spread it over the toasted bread then top it with some cheese for flavour. Optionally you can add some oregano and chilli flakes. Then cook it in an air fryer, a pan with a lid or in an oven until delicious.

Late-night cravings get a delicious satisfaction with these toast recipes. Easy to prepare and appetising to eat, these snacks will curb your cravings with a delightful crunch and burst of flavour.