Tisca Chopra's Favourite Cheat Meal Is Delicious, Can You Guess?
Image Credit: Pexels.

Pizza is almost every foodies’ favourite treat to binge on. The myriad number of toppings that you can play with on a variety of bread bases, makes this pizza an exciting dish to have for dinner. Pizza never fails to impress. A simple margherita pizza or a classic pepperoni pizza - whatever your choice may be, you’ll always end up with a delicious experience when you go for a pizza dinner. A pizza dinner get the family together as everyone loves to share a slice over some chilled cold drink. Celebs are no different when it comes to pizza dinners. Recently, Tisca Chopra took to her social media to share a photo of her pizza, which she had for her dinner. The pizza in the photo, had vegetable toppings like mushroom, onion, capsicum, tomato, and cheese. The crust was thin and Tisca had captioned the photo, “Pizza dinner for me! What are you having?”

Credit: Pexels.


Tisca’s loves to celebrate a proper cheat day. The actress’s social media is full of posts of her favourite cheat meals. From pyaaz ki kachori and lassi to emarti, this foodie surely knows how to have a real cheat day. In Tisca’s other posts on food, you can see her enjoying pastries, donuts, Affogato, coffee, and so much more. On the work front Tisca Chopra will next be seen in multi starrer JugJugg Jeeyo, playing the role of Meera. 

Tisca’s love for pizza goes beyond everything else. In a reel that Tisca has shared on Instagram, she can be seen hesitating to eat a bite of pizza while getting captured on the camera. The actress first picks up a topping from a pizza kept in front of her. After sometime she just smiles and gives in and says okay “I’m going to eat it.” Tisca then proceeds to take a bite and break her diet. She shared this reel on her social media with the caption, “Gotta feed them curves, right?!! Never been stick thin, never wanted to be .. so it is cheat day when I SAY IT IS!! And also, please note how my team who will always document every single pizza slice that goes into my mouth but never my soup and salad and fruit days #jusysaying. What are you cheat days like? What do you look forward to?” 

Tisca’s love for food and the videos on her social media that are all about her breaking her diet is what makes Tisca an extremely relatable person to follow on Instagram. If you need some inspiration on what your next cheat meal should be, turn to this actress’s social media account and you’ll be floored by her suggestions.