Tiruchirappalli Coaching Centre Gives Practical Cooking Lessons

Cooking is a form of art that can’t be learnt without a good instructor, proper tools, and the right recipes. While you can find and buy cookbooks to get theoretical knowledge of cooking, the skills learnt after practically attempting to perfect a dish are unbeatable. If you are someone who wants to be a professional chef, this is just the right article for you.

Just like the famous coaching centres that prepare students for competitive exams, there’s a centre in Tiruchirappalli that practically offers cooking courses. The coaching centre focuses on the need for practical skills imparted by a professional to help aspiring cooks and chefs learn the best techniques. Here’s everything you need to know about Tiruchirappalli’s cooking coaching centre.

About Tiruchirappalli Cooking Coaching Centre

The coaching centre in Tiruchirappalli that is making the headlines for its immersive practical cooking training is the Success Coaching Centre, located on Airport Road. As per reports, the coaching centre offers two types of courses to prepare aspiring cooks. The first is a seven-day course to make perfect parottas, the famous Tamil Nadu street food that requires skills and practice to perfect the dish.

The second course, which focuses on Indo-Chinese cooking, is ten days long. Reportedly, the fee for the course includes all the cooking ingredients that the students would require. The coaching centre also has arrangements for accommodating students coming from different parts of the country who want to enrol in any of the courses.

The reports also suggest that the founder, Mr. Mohideen, has over fifteen years of experience in the F&B sector as a cook and trainer. He has reported that he started the coaching centre to promote small businesses by equipping students with the necessary skills and training required to cook and sell. Starting from teaching how to knead perfect dough to making finger-licking gravy, the coaching centre boasts to be a one-stop to learn essential cooking skills.