Tired Of Grease Build-Up In The Kitchen? 5 Tips To Keep The Kitchen Clean
Image Credit: Kitchen Cleaning | Image Credit: Pexels.com

Have you ever encountered a greasy kitchen? This is a common consequence of daily cooking activities. The kitchen is a vital space where we prepare our meals for sustenance. However, prolonged cooking often leads to the accumulation of grease

Cooking involves the use of oils and spices, which can produce smoke and leave behind unwanted grease. No matter how hard you try, these greasy residues tend to reappear after extensive cooking sessions, resulting in a sticky and odorous kitchen that can also lead to several hazards. Excessive grease can cause the following major problems:   

  • Fire Hazard: Grease buildup in the kitchen can be highly flammable and may increase the risk of kitchen fires. If grease splatters onto a hot stove, it can ignite and cause a fire. Besides, grease buildup on a stove or oven can also ignite and cause a fire.   
  • Respiratory Issues: When grease builds up on kitchen surfaces, it can create a smoky, oily haze in the air. This can irritate the respiratory system, especially for people with asthma or other respiratory issues.   
  • Pest Attraction: Grease buildup can attract pests like cockroaches and rodents, which is unhealthy and can cause several infections like food poisoning and others. 
  • Slip And Fall: Grease buildup on the kitchen floor is slippery and can cause slip and fall accidents. This can be dangerous, especially for young children and the elderly.  

If you’re worried about how to prevent grease buildup in the kitchen, then fret not, as we have a number of solutions for you. Take a look:   

  • Use Range Hood And Keep It Well Maintained  

Using a range hood is the most effective way to prevent grease buildup in the kitchen. It is designed to suck up the grease, smoke, and steam in your cooking area and vent it outside. It is important to choose the right size of hood for your kitchen and use it every time you cook. However, a range hood is only effective when it is properly maintained. Make sure to clean the filters regularly with hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher, depending on the type. 


  • Use A Splatter Screen Or Lid   

Another way to prevent grease buildup in the kitchen is by using a splatter screen or lid while cooking. The splatter screen prevents the oil and masalas from splattering over the stove, countertops, and walls. Lids are great for enclosing steam and preventing oil from splattering. A splatter screen or lid keeps your kitchen clean and enables you to cook more effectively.   

  • Clean Regularly To Avoid Deep Cleaning Later 

One of the most important steps to avoid grease buildup in the kitchen is to clean regularly. You can clean the slabs, countertops, stove, cupboards, and floor after every meal to prevent the accumulation of grease from becoming harder to remove later. You can either use dishwashing detergent or make a solution of baking soda and lemon juice, rub it with the help of a wet cloth, and then clean it with mild hot water. Baking soda is abrasive and helps in cleaning the grease, while lemon juice is acidic, which helps in cleaning stubborn stains.

  • Cover The Items With A Towel While Cooking   

Although you can keep small items like knives, spoons, plates, and bowls in the cupboard, you must be worried about items like a toaster or a stand mixer. For these items, always keep a towel handy so that you can cover them while cooking. This, in turn, will prevent the grease buildup in these items. The splatter of oil and food won’t be able to stain the items.  


  • Don’t Pour Grease Into Drains Or Sink   

One of the biggest mistakes made while dealing with grease is pouring it down the sink or drains. This not only creates a blockage in the drain or sink pipe but also causes environmental pollution. Grease can solidify and clog pipes, leading to expensive plumbing repairs. It is advisable to pour the grease into a container and cool it before disposing of the trash.