Tips To Store Jaggery For Long Without Moisture
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Jaggery In Summers

Consuming jaggery is good for your health. During the winter, sugarcane is used to make jaggery. Jaggery is sold in the market as a white, delectable confection, but as soon as the heat hits, it becomes dark and begins to rot. In such a scenario, some people who purchase sugar or jaggery for a year are unsure of how to properly store the sweetener. Jaggery begins to melt and fungus appears in the summer. Jaggery does not go bad for a year, though, if you store it properly. Tell us how to prevent jaggery from going bad in the summer. How should jaggery be stored to last a full year?

Store in Ziploc packets

Store the jaggery in a zip lock bag if you want it to last for 1 to 2 years while maintaining its flavour and colour. Make sure there is no air in the zip lock before storing the jaggery. For this, place the jaggery in a zip-top bag after wrapping it with a paper towel. You can also keep it in a plain plastic bag if you don't have a zip-lock bag. Keep the jaggery in an airtight container after wrapping it with polythene. The jaggery won't be ruined by this for many years.


Jaggery can also be stored in the refrigerator. For this, you must use a steel box rather than a plastic one and fill it with jaggery. The jaggery can rot if it's kept in a plastic container. The steel box will retain the jaggery's colour and flavour as well. The jaggery won't go bad this way for around six months. Yes, you must ensure that the jaggery contains no air or moisture of any type.

Store in dry leaves

You can use a dona made from dry leaves to prevent the jaggery from going bad for a long time. Keep them both in the box below for this. Put jaggery on it now, then cover both sides, and then secure the box's lid. Jaggery won't go bad if you store it in this manner for six months.