Maintaining weight loss is equally challenging as losing it! We all know the happiness of losing weight, but sustaining your desired weight is also a task. Our habits are often responsible for weight gain, and specific tweaks in our diet and lifestyle can help us control our weight. Here are particular tips and tricks to maintain your weight: 

  • Prepare your weight maintenance diet plan: Prepare a diet plan as per your body's requirements. Diet plans should include snacks along with food. For example, lunch should be rich in protein. Eating two types of vegetables with rice or pasta provides sufficient protein. Consult your doctor before following any particular diet since each body has a different requirement. 
  • Monitor weight regularly: In a study conducted by the National Weight Control Registry on nearly five thousand people, some interesting facts have come to light about people who maintained their weight loss. 75% of them check their weight once a week. If you feel overweight, you can start monitoring it before jumping on the weight loss journey.
  • Exercise: After losing weight, exercise regularly for one hour in the morning or evening. It plays a crucial role in sustaining weight loss by burning calories. In addition, exercise has been associated with several different benefits, including stronger bones, improved mood, and a decreased risk of chronic disorders. 
  • Food quantity: Eating large amounts of unhealthy food increases weight rapidly. Start by eating less of everything and replacing fat and calorie-dense foods with high-protein foods full you more and satiated longer. This helps in keeping weight in check and checks food wastage. 
  • Avoid overeating: Overeating is one of the primary reasons for weight gain. While there could be many reasons that lead to over-eating, one can manage it by including high-protein foods in our diet that control our hunger, leading to overeating at once an excellent