Tips To Make Super Soft Chicken Tikka At Home
Image Credit: Chicken tikka is not that tough to make at home | Pexels

Chicken tikka is one dish that everyone loves to eat. It is one of the most popular Indian starter options that we have available. Usually, we go out and visit restaurants and cafes to enjoy our favorite chicken tikka. Because often we feel like we would not be able to replicate the exact texture and the flavor of the super delicious dish and that might spoil the experience for us. But there is no place better than your kitchen to start experimenting with food and if chicken tikka is one of your favorite appetizers, then why not just try to make it at home?

Making chicken tikka at home is not that difficult. All you need is the correct marination, the correct method, and the correct ingredients. Also, extremely important is getting the perfect chicken tikka cut pieces     and you can order them fresh from licious. If you are a beginner and you're looking for an easy recipe we have one readily available for you.

Now that you know the recipe to make the dish, you would want to perfect it every time you make it for your family. don't worry we got your back. We have some tips for you that would make you the perfect cook and the perfect chicken tikka specialist. Here are the tips and tricks to make the softest and most flavourful chicken tikka at home.

Tip 1

The hung curd that you use in the marination of your chicken tikka is very important. It decides how soft and succulent your tikka is going to be eventually. You need to whisk the hung curd well. In case you're using normal curd instead of hung curd. then make sure that you whisk it so well that it becomes thick and creamy. 

Tip 2 

Marinate the chicken tikka pieces for a really long time. This helps the pieces in becoming more flavourful by soaking in more spices for a longer period of time. So when you eat the tikka, you can taste the flavours and the spices in every single bite.

Tip 3

Marination is the key to soft, juicy tikkas | Pexels


Make sure you use mustard oil while marinating the chicken. It is very important to use the oil in moderation because it has a very strong flavour but ultimately it is one of the key ingredients to make your tikka super smooth and soft.

Tip 4

Use the powdered masalas in your marination in proper moderation. The main flavour of chicken tikka comes from the meat itself which is supposed to be soft and juicy. Let the meat, curd and the ginger garlic paste be the main attractions of the dish instead of confusing the tongue with a lot of overpowering spices.

Follow these steps and make restaurant style chicken tikka at home. You do not need to be a seasoned chef to replicate it, you just have to know how to play with your ingredients and bring the best out of them.