Like cooking, serving fare is also an art. If you want everyone to appreciate the food you cook, you also have to serve it well. To serve food in the right way, you have to pay attention to some things you often overlook. When we eat food, we are most happy with the service. How does it feel about eating in a restaurant? It's unique because of the food and table adornment that attracts our eyes. So if you also serve food in a decorated and elegant way, it is evident that your guests will not leave without praising. Therefore apart from being an excellent cook, you should also have that serving talent in you. So let us learn how to serve food to enhance its taste. For this, you have to pay attention to some essential things.

Try these seven tips while serving food

  1. Keep tissue paper next to the plate: Are you expecting guests at home? Then only serving food will not make a difference; some small things also need to be taken care of. For example, most people use tissue paper. So that's why you must keep tissue paper on the dining table.
  2. Garnishing recipes: Each dish has its unique way of decorating and serving, which enhances the taste of that recipe. Therefore, it is essential to embellish the food properly as it will make the recipe look tempting and attract the person to eat it.
  3. Please do not fill the plate: While serving food, always remember that putting excess food on the plate will make the eater feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, people often leave it on the plate due to extra food, leading to wastage.
  4. Keep the dining table clean: Please pay attention to the dining table, i.e. you need to clean it before serving food thoroughly. Also, do not forget to keep water and a slice of lemon in the dining room or wherever you are serving food.
  5. Choice of utensils: Keep in mind that the utensils you use to serve food should be according to the recipe. Apart from this, the plate you choose should neither be big nor too small. The plate should always be of medium size.
  6. Salt, sauces and pickles: Keep some extra things on the dining table like salt, black pepper, spice, and jam while serving food. With this, if something is lacking in the food, your guest will manage it according to their taste.
  7. Spoon set placement: Make a habit of keeping a spoon set on the dining table as it will help the guest quickly use them whenever they require.

So next time, whenever you invite a guest to the house, keep these things in mind. Keep reading Slurrp to get more such information.