Who hasn't gone out and indulged in a few too many alcoholic beverages? Everyone has experienced what happens when they are out drinking and having a good time all night and then wake up in pain. It becomes almost difficult to head out to work post a heavy drinking night. According to experts, preventing a hangover is preferable to try to cure one, so we've included some tips for preventing one before and during your party. There are certain food items that help prevent a severe hangover. These food are known to restore the lost electrolytes, minerals and energy from your body. It is always better to avoid medicines and replace them with natural fruits and beverages.

Before Party

You can take a few steps to assist mitigate the consequences of acquiring a hangover. Before you head out to the bar, have a substantial dinner. Make sure you don't overindulge yourself in food or you may puke otherwise.

Fatty Foods

It is usually safe to eat fatty dishes with lots of cheese and butter before going out drinking because they work as an inner lining and aid in absorbing alcohol, advises Dr Vijay Punjabi. Your gut lining will be coated by the oils, which will reduce how quickly alcohol is absorbed. This may lessen how bad a hangover will be.

Burnt Toast

A half-burned piece of toast can help you avoid a hangover before drinking. In the body, carbon functions as a filter, aiding in the absorption of alcohol.

Drink Milk

Before you start drinking, consume a glass of milk to line your stomach and decrease the absorption of alcohol. This will make it easier for your digestive system to process alcohol. One of the main causes of a hangover is acetaldehyde, a poisonous molecule that alcohol is turned into in the body.

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Vitamins And Minerals

Before drinking, taking a few multivitamins and antioxidants can help you avoid a hangover. Since alcohol drains most of these nutrients out, consuming them beforehand is a good option.

Stay Hydrated

For every glass of alcohol consumed, drink a glass of juice or water to reduce the likelihood of getting a bad hangover. Note that hangovers typically happen when your body becomes dehydrated, according to Dr Mukesh Budhwani. So, alternate glasses of water with your other beverages.

Avoid Caffeine Mixtured Cocktails

Drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided. Your body loses water, and it exacerbates your nausea and foggy thinking, all of which will make your hangover appear worse.

Replace Lost Salts

Recovery from a hangover is accelerated with rehydration sachets, which are used to treat diarrhoea. The reason for this is that the salt sachets include trace levels of body salts, which work far more quickly than water to replenish lost fluids in your body. Before retiring to bed and when you wake up the next morning, mix one sachet with water and drink it. You can also make your own drink by mixing salt and sugar in cold water and consuming it.

Consume Eggs

Eggs, according to Dr Budhwani, "help get rid of a hangover the next morning." Have a boiled egg or omelette the following morning. Cysteine, a substance found in eggs, aids in the breakdown of acetaldehyde, a byproduct of binge drinking, in the body.

Have Potassium Rich Fruits

Consuming potassium-rich fruits like bananas can help your body replace lost sodium and potassium. Sports beverages are also excellent providers of potassium. Dr Budhwani continues, "Include fruits that are rich in vitamin C, like oranges.

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Coconut Water

Drink this the first thing in the morning after a heavy night. Coconut water helps flush out the toxins from the liver. It also restores the lost electrolytes and cools the stomach down. It is a great source of energy as well.