Kitchen Hacks: Tips For Ripening Jackfruit At Home
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People in India eat jackfruit with great joy. Apart from being sweet and tasty, this seasonal delight comes with a host of nutrients that keep you energised during the warm months. Many people also consider it suitable for the digestive system. But unless you have a jackfruit tree in your backyard, the availability of a ripe jackfruit may be a concern. Fret not; we’ll tell you some of the best ways to ripen raw jackfruit at home within three to four. These home-ripened jackfruits are certainly yummier than the ones you get in the market.

Carbide: The easiest way to cook any raw fruit and vegetable is to use carbide. Raw jackfruit gets cooked deliciously in two to three days with its use.

  1. First, put some paper in a paper box and spread it well.
  2. Now, put one to two spoons of carbide in a cotton cloth with jackfruit in this box.
  3. Cover it with something from above and keep it in any corner of the house.
  4. After two days, you will have a ripe jackfruit in front of you.

Grass: Apart from carbide, you can also use grass for ripening jackfruit.

  1. Put some grass in a bucket or a big pot, spread it well, and keep the jackfruit.
  2. Then put some grass on top, cover it with a cloth or sack, and leave it for one to two days.
  3. After two days, you will see that jackfruit is ready.

Ethylene: People also use ethylene to help ripen raw jackfruit. With its use, jackfruit ripens within one to two days.

  1. Keep paper or grass-pallet in the box.
  2. Now, tie two to three pinches of ethylene in a paper or cloth and keep it in the box.

Before touching carbide and ethylene, wear gloves in your hands. Otherwise, it may cause itching.

Rice: Due to its large size, ripening jackfruit in rice can be a bit of a hassle. But it is one of the best ways to ripen anything naturally.

  1. Keep the rice in a big box or sack, wrap jackfruit in paper and keep it for one to two days.
  2. After two days, you will get a ripe jackfruit in front of you. Make sure that you do not open the rice box or sack repeatedly.