The month of May is observed as Food Allergy Awareness Month to help raise awareness of food allergies. On occasion, Clinical Nutritionist Dr Vikki Petersen has excellent insight into food allergies information everyone should know. Dr Petersen estimates that out of thirty-two million Americans, five million children are suffering from food allergies. This means that approximately ten per cent of the adult population in the United States has some food allergies. As per research, this unfortunate incidence of food allergies is increasing. The causes include chemical additives, environmental pollutants and pesticides. This all results in unhealthy digestion and weakened immunity. Food allergies result in digestive or mild skin issues (typically, they are not dangerous). 

Dr Vikki Petersen's tips for managing food allergies: 

Get yourself diagnosed

When you are bearing, it can be challenging to distinguish a food sensitivity from a food allergy. However, it is necessary to understand the distinction, and both should be taken seriously. One must realise that for food allergies, scratch testing on the skin is not highly accurate. Hence, it is best to take an IgE blood test. Food sensitivities can create symptoms, but not allergic reactions. 

Always be provided with medicines

Are you prone to significant reactions? Then you must have your medication with you. This is an epi-pen for many people. There are over-the-counter medicines and natural antihistamines to treat allergic reactions, but if your responses are of a milder form, then only those should be used. 

View descriptions thoroughly 

According to law, the most popular food allergens must be noted on food labels. Read labels carefully and take time to educate yourself on allergy synonyms. For instance, couscous is wheat, and casein is a dairy product. 

Express and interrogate 

When eating at a friend’s home or in a restaurant, don’t be shy about asking how food items are prepared and questions regarding food ingredients. Expressing and asking questions can save you from possible reactions.