Homegrown alcohol brands are not a new thing, but there’s been a sudden wave that sees many local Gin, Rum, Vodaka, Whiskey entering the market and creating a mark. Their presence is almost like a whiff of fresh air in the new age alcohol market.

Kasturi Banerjee, Founder & Director, Stilldistilling Spirits who has launched Maka Zai – a premium craft rum says “We know Old Monk is a heritage brand and is associated with nostalgia, but There are a few reasons why we chose Rum. First, India has the perfect climatic conditions to distill high-quality craft rum - hot, tropical weather and an abundance of sugarcane. Second, we believe there is a time for everything. Also globally as well, we are seeing a rising trend in craft rum and darker spirits”. 

Maka Zai Rum


Looking around one can be rest assured that customers are surely getting more experimentative and moving over from the Old Monks and Johnny Walkers, and focusing on evolving tastes.

Highlighting about flavour profile Sakshi Saigal of Stranger & Sons Gin adds “Our brand infuses nine botanicals and sources their junipers from Macedonia. We really have poured out our hearts, souls and spirits into creating a ‘first class’ product. While we expand to new geographies, we ensure that our brand stays true to its identity, so we have some fun and immersive experiences planned for all those who will be interacting with our brand for the first time.”

The lack of access to craft spirits and availability if variety gave birth to a bunch of brewers and distillers. As the audiences opened up to more complex flavours rather than succumbing to the age-old, traditional flavours this change was possible. Furthur adding Banerjee highlights “We do not use any additives to make our Rum. Our White Rum is generous with floral, sweet, spicy, and herbaceous notes with a smooth and creamy finish. Whereas our Gold Rum has hints of praline, dry dates, figs, caramel, cinnamon, and honey, which gives it an incredible creamy finish. We are, in fact introducing the concept of a sipping rum in India with our Gold rum”. 

Kati Patang Craft Beer


Taking a proper account of the current mood and sentiment of the market, it came naturally that most brands thought making customers drink better quality, at a reasonable price was the trick of the trade. Shantanu Upadhyay, Co-Founder & CEO, Kati Patang opines “In a short period of time, Kati Patang has become one of the most influential craft brands in India. Each of our four styles (Saffron lager, Snappy Wheat, Zesty Amber and Bareilly Bold) of beer is distinctively Indian, teasing to the palette and highly sessionable. The key consumer trend seen is that there is an increased willingness to pay a premium for high quality home-grown brands. I am aiming to unleash delightful products and brand experience for every mood of experience”. 

Cazulo Feni


On the other hand going a little off-beat from the market and deciding to bottle of one of India’s most favourite local Goan drink – feni, Hansel Vaz of Cazulo Feni on why he chose says says “Feni is a tangible and un-negotiable part of my heritage and culture. But over the years it had been pushed to the corner as a Country Spirit and its image had taken a battering as a fuddy-duddy drink. But I strongly believed that Feni has a unique identity that Goa had and its potential needed to be realized. And hence I took it as a challenge, to reimagine Feni, in a way it never was.

All of these above brands and more, surely has brought much vibrancy into the market, raise a toast the one who have appreciated and accepted “Made in India” spirit. Next time you hit a shop, look for one of them