Boost Metabolism and Promote Weight-Loss With 6 Foods

Metabolism simply means the conversion of food eaten by the body into energy. A good metabolic rate is associated with healthy digestion, clean eating and regular exercise. Having a healthy metabolism contributes to weight-loss too and helps to maintain lean muscle mass. Metabolic rate suggests how many calories are burnt by the body in a day to be used as energy sources for repair, recovery and rejuvenation.

There are certain food sources which can help to improve overall health and boost metabolic rate. Adding these foods to every day diet along with a holistic balance of a healthy lifestyle can work wonders on the body. Not only does this help to reduce or maintain proper weight, it also lowers the risk of obesity and other lifestyle ailments. Here are some foods that can boost metabolic health:


Foods rich in protein are one of the best sources for improving metabolic rate. Foods like eggs, chicken, dals require a lot of work to be absorbed by the body. This results in improving metabolic rate as the body works harder towards processing foods and starts burning those extra calories at a faster rate. 


If you are trying to shed a few excess kilos, eating foods with a bit of kick might just do the trick. Chillis contain capsaicin which sometimes increases metabolic rate and pushes the body to burn more calories. Spicy food also quickens the rate at which the body feels full and reduces the tendency to overeat.


Flaxseeds are highly nutritious and contain a good amount of protein, fibres, vitamins and essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, eating flaxseed or javas chutney with a bit of ghee or cold-pressed oil can improve gut bacteria, enhance digestion and help to promote metabolic health.


Many studies have shown that unsweetened black coffee can contribute to increasing metabolism. Caffeine also helps the body to burn fat and boosts performance during workout sessions. However, coffee can also kill an appetite by inducing a feeling of fullness so it should be consumed in measured proportions, rather than as a meal substitute.

Lentils And Legumes

Rich in protein, vitamins and essential sources of dietary fibres, lentils, beans and legumes are an extremely vital part of a healthy diet. Not only do they work on improving gut health but also help gut bacteria to produce short-chain fatty acids which enable the body to use fat stores for energy. This effectively enhances metabolism and helps to cut down excess weight.


Ginger is said to contain metabolism-boosting properties. Mixing a bit of dry ginger powder in warm water and having it after a meal every day can enhance the rate at which food is converted into energy. Ginger also induces a feeling of satiety or fullness which lowers the overall urge to eat more than one's required intake.