Til Ka Kamaal: 5 Warm Sesame Recipes During Winter
Image Credit: Gujarati Recipes/Facebook

There are a variety of basic kitchen ingredients that are super beneficial for winter. From ginger tea to jaggery desserts, these simple cooking ingredients can do wonders. They not only enhance the taste and flavour of the dish but also protect against the chilly winter. Another such powerful ingredient is sesame. Also known as til, these tiny seeds are rich in oil and used in a variety of recipes.  

Sesame seeds are a good source of fibre, that not only improve digestion but also reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. Apart from fibre, they are also rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, iron and copper. Consuming til during winter can naturally keep us warm and healthy as they are packed with good fats and calcium. Indians use sesame seeds in number of dishes like gajak and ladoos and it also important in festivals like Lohri and Makar Sankranti. 

Here are five sesame recipes you can include in your winter diet to stay warm and healthy: 

1. Sesame Chicken 

This classic dish is a must-try for all chicken lovers. Made with a crispy coating of corn starch, the chicken is deep-fried in oil. It has a sweet, salty and tangy taste at the same time and the sesame seeds give it a toasty flavour. It can become a perfect dinner for family and friends' get-together. 

2. Til Ke Ladoo 

This traditional Indian sweet is made with sesame seeds and jaggery as main ingredients. Being rich in iron and calcium, til ke laddo is an ideal addition to winter diet. This ladoo has a nutty aroma and it is specially made during the festival of Makar Sankranti. 

3. Sesame Brittle 

Also known as til ki chikki, this traditional sweet cum snack is very popular across the country. It is widely made in the northern part of India during winters and can be stored for weeks in airtight containers. Made with til and jaggery, it is also good for sweet cravings. 

4. Sesame Chutney 

This easy-to-make accompaniment is packed with rich and robust flavours that can enhance the taste of any boring meal. Also known as ellu chutney, it is made with the goodness of coconut and peanuts. Sesame chutney can be paired with idli, dosa as well as rice.

5. Sesame Rice 

Popularly known as ellu sadam, this quick and rich rice dish is a wholesome meal for lunch as well as dinner. This dish is highly nutritious and can be a good choice to pack in the lunch box of children. Just roast some herbs and spices with sesame seeds and temper with cooked rice and masala powder and done. 

These recipes will not only make you warm and cozy during winter but also satisfy your taste buds. Try them all and tell us which one is your favourite.