Sesame Oil: All About Its Use And Health Benefits
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Sesame oil is made from the seeds of the blossoming sesame plant, also known as Sesamum indicum. Although these plants are native to East Africa and India, they are now grown in a variety of places throughout the world. Sesame oil has become one of the most popular cooking oils due to its hearty, nutty flavour and high quantities of mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Here are a few ways to use sesame oil.


Sesame oil can be used in the same way as any other cooking oil. It’s ideal for sauteing any type of meat or veggie. Pour the oil into the pan, heat it up, and then add whatever you're cooking.


Sesame oil is a popular frying oil since it is reasonably healthful, and has a high heat resistance compared to other types of oil. Because sesame oil is more expensive than vegetable and canola oil, it isn't used as much these days.


To add a hint of sesame flavour to the meat, use unrefined sesame oil. If you like a stronger flavour, dark sesame oil can be used if combined with other liquids such as soy sauce. You can use whichever meat and seasonings you choose in a marinade. Chicken, beef and even fish can all benefit from the marinade.

Benefits of sesame oil

Improves oral health

Because of a practice called oil pulling, which involves placing the oil in your mouth, swishing it about, and then spitting it out. This technique has been associated with whiter teeth, decreased levels of dental plaque and protection against particular streptococcus mutations.

Lowering blood pressure

Sesame oil has several advantages, the most common and significant of which is that it decreases blood pressure. It may appear that Vitamin E, sesamol and sesamin are responsible for the lowering of blood pressure.

Improves skin health

Sesame is an essential component of India's Ayurvedic medicinal system. It's beneficial because of its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because it naturally contains SPF, it is used in beauty treatments for healthy, healing, and enlightened skin.


Sesamin, a substance found in sesame oil and seeds, helps to reduce chronic inflammation and protect the skin from bacteria and fungi. Obesity, heart disease and kidney disease can all be caused by inflammation in the body.

Good for eye and hair

It's also known as gingelly oil, and it's high in flavonoids, phenolic antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fibre and vitamins, among other things. Sesame oil is a stimulant that aids in eye nourishment. Because of its nourishing, calming and warming characteristics, it's the ideal massage oil. In Ayurveda, the use of sesame oil for head massage has special importance. Its antioxidant properties stop hair from greying, encourage hair growth, treat lice, and prevent hair loss. 

Improves bone health

Sesame seeds are a vitamin and mineral powerhouse. It has a lot of zinc, iron and magnesium, all of which help with red blood cell synthesis, blood circulation and metabolism.