This World Vegan Day, Try These Easy Vegan Snacks For A Quick Bite
Image Credit: From spinach artichoke dips to tomato bruschetta, these vegan snacks are worth trying.

We have people who are hard-core non-vegetarians, then we have those who only eat eggs (eggetarians) followed by pure vegetarians and then finally, vegans. There has been a growing buzz around veganism in the past few years with many celebrities and public personalities switching to this kind of dietary change. Linked to this, there has also been an increasing consciousness among people about the sustainability of the environment. Some might argue that the food chain by nature itself, suggests that we consume meat and dairy products, the view of vegans diverges. 

For those untouched by the phenomenon of veganism, it is more than just a diet. It is a more of a lifestyle choice wherein those who practice veganism are prohibited from consuming animal meat and any dairy-based products like milk, curd, cheese etc. They function on a plant-based diet which they believe is sustainable for the Earth. The concept of a vegan diet began some 2000 years ago when Greek mathematician Pythagoras propagated a sense of kindness towards all living beings on our planet. However, the trend of this shift to veganism only gained momentum in the year 1994 when the UK Vegan Society commemorated its 50th anniversary. 

That’s how World Vegan Day came to be celebrated on 1st November since then. In fact, the terms vegan and veganism were also coined during this year only. The idea behind marking this day was to encourage people for a greater physical and mental well-being and become conscious of what they are consuming. 

Since there are certain dietary restrictions that need to be followed by vegans, there has been an ever-increasing demand for vegan desserts and snacks. If you’re a vegan or planning to turn into one this year, here are some delicious quick bites that are totally vegan. 

1.  Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip 

Looking for a delicious dip for your crisps and crackers? Your search ends here. While the usual spinach artichoke dip gets its creaminess from the use of heavy cream, this vegan version is totally dairy-free yet smooth and creamy as ever. Cauliflowers and cashews are used to lend the dip its thick consistency. 

2.  Japanese Rice Cakes 

Also known as onigiri, these Japanese rice cakes are quite a treat. A simple combination of rice and sugar, the rice is pounded into the mixture and given a rounded shape. These bite-sized cakes can be stuffed with anything and everything. For a vegan version, you should try adding some avocados and sriracha to make a tasty snack. 

3.  Vegan Tomato Hummus 

Did you know that hummus is inherently a vegan and gluten-free dish? Yes, that’s right. Blend together all the ingredients in a food processor and you get a smooth and silky hummus for snacks. In this recipe, sun-dried tomatoes are used which not only lend tanginess to the dish but also a subtle red hue which makes it appetizing. 

4.  Sweet Potato Quesadillas 

A quesadilla, for the uninitiated, is a Mexican dish that can be relished as a quick snack or even as a whole meal. Usually the tortillas are stuffed with meat and cheese but since you want a vegan version, a nice sweet potato and bean filling can be wrapped into the quesadilla. 

5.   Vegan Cucumber Spring Roll 

Made with transparent white sheets, these vegan spring rolls are stuffed with cucumbers, lettuce, green onions and bean sprouts which lend the dish their colour and crunch. Very healthy yet tasty, this quick fix is perfect on days you are craving those deep-fried spring rolls. The freshness and crispness of the veggies adds to the deliciousness of the dish. 

6.  Marinated Mushrooms 

Super simple and super light mushrooms are the ideal snack on days when you want something tasty and filling. The bite-sized button mushrooms can be popped into your mouth every now and then. The flavours of the mushroom lie not just in the softness of the vegetable but also the garlic and red wine vinegar marination. Sage leaves are added for the freshness. 

7.   Tomato Avocado Bruschetta 

The toasted bread shaped like a baguette is topped with fresh veggies for this vegan bruschetta recipe. I recently tried this bruschetta and the first bite made me realise that it is served cold. Finely chopped tomatoes and avocados are seasoned with salt and pepper and layered on the toastie which is crunchy. A simple yet refreshing taste, this bruschetta satiates the taste buds and the appetite. 

So which vegan recipe are you planning to give a try?