This Was The First Dish Chef Ranveer Brar Cooked At A Hotel Restaurant, Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Instagram @ranveer.brar

If you have been following chef Ranveer Brar and his journey, you would know probably know how he was destined to be a chef, despite coming from a ‘Fauji’ background. Brar who has been the face of countless successful cooking and reality shows, started cooking at the tender age of six, he would assist the people in his local Gurudwara for daily Langar preparations. Despite resistance from family, he joined the Institute of Hotel Management Lucknow, and went on to work with several noted properties across both home and abroad, before becoming the celebrity chef he is now. Recently, on his YouTube channel, he shared a YouTube short in which he spoke about the first dish he ever got to cook as a newbie chef back in the year 1996. He also shot a video with the complete story and his nostalgia for the dish. In the video, he said, that the new trainee chefs would only get to cook this one single dish, which was cheese chilli toast.  

He starts with chopping chillies really fine, followed by garlic and capsicum. He recalls how the ‘masala’ for the cheese chilli toast would be ready and all the new, trainee chefs would have to stand near the big hot oven, doling out close to 60-70 cheese chilli toast during lunch alone. Further, he grabs a bowl, adds the chopped veggies, followed by chopped dhaniya, a blob of butter, grated cheese. He mixed it up using his hands. “Do not add onions as it releases water”, Ranveer cautions. After he makes the ‘thick masala’ of the cheese chilli toast and keep it aside. Then he takes a few slices of white bread and toast it. Further, he spreads the cheese-chilli mix on the toasted bread and toasts it again on non-stick pan. Do not spread too much of it, as it may spread all over.  

Who knew making restaurant-style cheese chilli toast was so simple? This is certainly something you can try making today. Do share with us how you liked it.