This Viral Picture Of Filter Coffee Has Left The Internet Craving
Image Credit: A sight of filter coffee is enough to make a coffee lover slurp. Image: Instagram @chennaifiltercoffee

Imagine a cup of piping hot filter coffee by your bedside in the morning. Isn’t that how a perfect morning would look like? Filter coffee is the love of many Indians. Simply the experience of starting the day or winding it up with a strong aroma of the south Indian beverage is an experience in itself that just can't be described in words. I remember my first tryst with authentic filter coffee at a south Indian friend’s house. Her mother used to make excellent filter coffee. The soothing aroma of the cuppa was enough to captivate my senses. I knew I was hooked on to it. It soon became my regular drink at every south Indian restauarant, while I also tried to make it at home, but haven’t been able to replicate the exact same flavour that my friend’s mother made. 

Now, for a filter coffee lover like me, an image of it is enough to slurp, and it was the same when a picture of a hot cup of filter coffee on Twitter went viral. The picture, posted by a profile named '@VforVendakka_', shows a cup of filter coffee in the traditional glass, with coffee beans and a newspaper by the side. Oh how refreshing it looks, and how the sight is enough for anyone to crave some. It looks so real that you can just feel the aroma of the hot coffee.  

But to all our surprise, it was a painting. Yes, that's right. The person posted her own creativity on Twitter and wrote alongside, "I painted filter coffee". Take a look:

Doesn’t that look absolutely real? And we aren’t the only ones who were amazed, over 58k people on Twitter were amazed by the sketch too, and also expressed it in thousands of comments. The picture went viral in no time and saw a number of reactions. 

"Amazing!! I almost ended up asking you: which camera and what filter?!" read a comment. Another person wrote, "WAIIITT A MINUTE !! YOU TELLING US IT'S NOT REAL INSTEAD IT'S A BRILLIANT PIECE OF ART ???!!!!!". A third tweet read, "Hyperrealism. I really like it. Will start to try this next year, since hyperrealism needs months if not years to master, and the painting process itself is damn long. So cannot get into such an exhaustive learning process in my JEE prep year. Probably after I enter my college." Another person thanked her for an amazing phone wallpaper. 

'@VforVendakka_' also shared a time-lapse video of the drawing. Check it out:

We are in complete awe of Varuna’s creativity, and can’t wait to see more from her. She has made us crave filter coffee right now. And like us, if you too are craving a hot cup of filter coffee, we have just the right recipe for you to try at home. Click here for the recipe of filter coffee, try it at home and let us know your experience.