This Viral Pani Puri Recipe Is All You Need For Snack Cravings
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Pani Puri is a delectable Indian snack. There are a plethora of Pani Puri recipes available online that one can follow to make pani puri at home. A very popular Pani Puri recipe has been posted on YouTube by a channel called Poonam Smart Kitchen which has over 300K subscribers on YouTube. She often uploads easy-to-execute and practical Indian recipes. In the video which has gained around 50 Million views on YouTube, she goes on to teach how to make Pani Puri at home by following some simple steps. 

Image Credits: YouTube

In the video, Poonam from the Poonam Smart Kitchen talks about the immaculate recipe that she is going to show and how it is even better than the market-bought Pani Puri that most of us eat. In the video, she can be seen taking a glass bowl and adding 2 cups of semolina(suji),1 tbsp all-purpose flour and 2 tbsp wheat flour. All of the mixture is then mixed thoroughly by her. Then she adds a small quantity of water throughout the process of making the dough. She also advises the audience to keep on adding water to the mixture as semolina absorbs more water than any other flour. She presses the dough with a little pressure with the help of her fingertips and advises to make a soft dough. Now she covers the dough with a cloth and suggests that you let the dough rest for 20 minutes. 

Now she goes on to slather some oil on a counter and then rolls the dough nicely to make a round chapati-like shape. With the help of a circular cutter, she cuts small puris out of the rolled chapati. These small circular pieces are then arranged meticulously and kept carefully on a plate. Poonam tells the viewers to cover the puris with a wet cloth to retain the moisture. At the time of frying, Poonam takes a pan, fills it with some oil and fries all the puris one by one. The Puris will have a very nice puff. She carefully keeps the puffed puris on one side and then goes on to prepare the flavourful paani.

Image Credits: YouTube

For the flavoured pani, she first prepares a green chutney by taking some coriander, mint, ginger, green chilli, salt as per taste, kala namak and some lemon juice. All these ingredients are blended in a blender. She adds a little amount of water and blends everything into a thick paste. She then takes half a litre of water and then adds two spoons of the green Chutney. She then goes on to add half a cup of tamarind, and pulp and mix everything very well. Furthermore, she adds some salt as per taste and Kala namak. 

Along with this, she also added some roasted cumin seed powder, red chilli powder and 1 tsp black pepper. This is the spicy green water for pani puri. She further prepares Khatta pani by taking a bowl of water and adding some tamarind pulp, salt, Kala namak, red chilli powder and roasted cumin powder in the mixture. She mixes everything well and that is how she prepares the tangy water.

The last step in the video includes Poonam preparing mashed potato stuffing by mixing boiled potatoes with some boiled chana. Along with this, she adds some boondi in the water which she calls as optional. That is how she prepares Pani Puri at home with some simple ingredients.