This Viral ‘Maggi Samosa Chaat’ Has Impressed The Internet
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Just when we begin to think we have seen all possible experiments with Maggi, the internet comes up with something new, and even more bizarre, Remember how the Fanta Maggi was followed by the Roohafza Maggia and Maggi ice cream? Looks like we finally found a Maggi-fusion dish that may have most of you on board.  

Now noodle samosa is not a novel concept at all. Many restaurants and eateries are stuffing samosas with noodles or ‘chowmein’ nowadays, but have you ever tried a Noodle Samosa Chaat. This video by YouTubers Aamchi Mumbai is going viral for featuring a unique chaat made out of Maggi noodles and Samosa.  

In this video, a Mumbai vendor, grabs an onion and chops it like a pro, followed by potatoes and tomatoes. Then she adds four thick strips of butter on a hot pan and lets it sizzle. To the butter she adds chopped veggies and mixes it up. Then she adds two types of chutneys, salt and powdered spices, and roasts everything together. Further, she adds some water to the masala, followed by Maggi noodles and the tastemaker masala. The Maggi is allowed to cook. When the Maggi is perfectly cooked, she grabs a samosa and breaks it in smaller pieces. The crushed samosa is then cooked with the Maggi, until everything is thick and well-combined. This Maggi-Samosa Chaat is then served hot with a sprinkling of masala, fine sev and chopped coriander. You can watch the video here.


The internet seems to be more or less impressed by the unique take on the noodles.  

“I imagine this is delicious”, wrote a user.

“MasahaAllah this looks soooo delicious”, commented another user.

Many users seemed to be rather impressed by the way she cut the onions and other veggies.

“Okay, that’s legendary tier onion cutting right there,” a user wrote.

“She’s cutting all items like a chef”, commented another user.  

The unique chat can be found at Shivam Panipuri, opposite Lotus Petrol Pump, New Link Road, Andheri East Mumbai.

Do you think you can recreate the same dish at home? Do let us know. If all the Magg, made you crave some, then here’s a delicious recipe of Cheese Maggi that you can try at home today. All you need to make this street-style Maggi is some processed cheese chopped veggies of your choice, noodles and the masala and you are done.  

If you have your own ‘quirky’ Maggi recipe that you think is worth sharing, do share it with us, fellow noodle-lovers.