This Viral Ice Dhokla Chaat May Be The Quirkiest Summer Snack We’ve Seen Recently
Image Credit: Instagram @the_temptationalley

Come summers and we think twice about even stepping out, unless, of course, there is good food on offer. If you are anything like us, you would brave any weather to have your favourite street food, but we also wouldn’t mind street food that is actually ‘season appropriate’. Take this ‘ice dhokla’ chaat for instance. The unique chat actually comes with chips of ice, some chutney, and dhokla. Isn’t that fascinating? The internet sure seems intrigued.  

How Is Ice Dhokla Chaat Made?

In this video shot by the_temptationalley at Ghatkopar East Khaugalli, we see a rather interesting chaat preparation made with the evergreen Gujarati snack Dhokla. For the uninitiated, Dhokla is a soft and fluffy steamed cake made with gram flour and is garnished with mustard seeds and coriander. It is usually tucked into as it is, or a smattering of chutney is served alongside. But this Ghatkopar vendor grabs hold of three pieces of dhokla, chops them up in little cubes and places them in one paper plate. Then he slathers over some green pudina chutney, followed by hot red tomato garlic chutney, followed by salt and pepper. Then, he takes some ice chips out of his ice box and spreads it over his dhoklas. Next, he adds some finely chopped onions, tomatoes, followed by a drizzle of tamarind concentrate or chutney, then some beaten curd and some masala. Some farsan like masala chana, peanuts and sev go in next for the crunch. Further, he adds more curd, tamarind chutney and finishes it off with a sprinkle of sev and coriander leaves.  

Doesn’t that sound drool-worthy. It has got all flavours, it is hot, sweet, tangy and even contrast of textures between the dhokla and the heaps of sev and peanuts looks very tempting. But how are the people reacting to the chat. Many certainly aren’t able to wrap their heads around the addition of ice.

“Why ice”, asked a user

“Ice seriously?”, wrote another.

“Ye Kya kar diya bhaiya ji (what have you done here brother)”, read another comment.  

There were plenty who seemed quite impressed too and flooded the comments with appreciation. What are your thoughts on the ‘Ice dhokla chaat’, do let us know. Moreover, would you like to make it at home? Here’s a recipe of dhokla for you to try.