This Viral Gulab Jamun Recipe Is Trending Online; Know Why
Image Credit: Pexels

Gulab Jamun is already one of the quintessential sweets in India and is loved by almost everyone. Some years ago, the combination of ice cream and Gulab Jamun changed the dessert space and the way we eat Gulab Jamuns. Bread Gulab Jamun is the latest viral recipe that has been trending on the internet. 

Who knows it might be the next big thing in the dessert industry? This recipe takes a creative twist on the classic gulab jamun recipe. Instead of using all-purpose flour, these Gulab Jamuns are made by using bread. These are easy to make and so mouth melting that everyone is going to love them instantly.

What Is The Recipe

Making gulab jamuns with the help of bread might sound very unconventional and impossible but it is actually quite convenient and equally delicious to make Gulab Jamun with the help of bread slices. Traditionally, gulab jamuns are made by using a mixture of some all-purpose flour and khoya which is kneaded with some milk and Desi ghee. A proper dough is created and then small bowls are made out of the dough. The balls are then fried into the ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup.

These baby gulab jamuns do not require as many ingredients as the conventional gulab jamun recipe does. This recipe has been shared by shibna_shafeeque on Instagram and the reel has more than 1.4 million likes. By looking at its popularity, one can easily understand that this is actually a practical and executable recipe.

Image Credits: Unsplash

How To Make Bread Gulab Jamun

To make this tempting Gulab Jamun, you must take some white bread slices and remove the brown corners with the help of a nice. In the Instagram reel, shibna can be seen cutting these bread slices into small cubicle shaped pieces. These pieces are soaked in milk for two hours. This time allows the bread to absorb all the milk and become extremely creamy. After soaking these breads for two hours, take them out and knead a proper dough from the mixture. 

From this dough, make small balls. Now the small balls have to be deep fried in oil until they become golden brown in colour. She then prepares sugar syrup by mixing sugar and water with some cardamom  for extra flavours. The sugar syrup must be simmered until all the sugar gets dissolved properly. Once the sugar syrup is ready, the Gulab Jamun balls must be dissolved in the syrup so that the sugar syrup is absorbed properly. The Gulab Jamun can be decorated with some silver foil and dry fruits.