This Viral Custard Toast Recipe Is Winning Hearts On The Internet

Rustling up the first meal of the day during work days can be tough sometimes. Trying to set the breakfast table only to find that your kitchen cabinet is almost empty except for a few staples is never a pleasant experience. But what do you do in such a situation? Take out a packet of bread, pop them in the toaster and have them with some jam/butter and a bowl of fruits. Tada! You are set for the day. 

Bread has saved you from getting late or reaching the office empty stomach. Not only is this a quick way of preparing a good breakfast, but it also fulfills your daily requirement of nutrients. Millions of us rely on toasts for our daily breakfast and it doesn’t disappoint. But what if we tell you that you can have a quick dessert for breakfast on a busy morning too? Well, believe it or not, a viral video has made it possible for most with this custard toast recipe.

Recently, a video showing the recipe of custard toast went viral on TikTok. Many food bloggers and enthusiasts have already tried the recipe and they are all praises. An Instagram food blogger with the username @cookingwithayeh even said that the recipe is “worth the hype!”. The video has garnered 2.5 million views, 92k likes and hundreds of comments from foodies around the world.

You’ll only require four basic kitchen ingredients to make the toast. To make custard toast at home, you need bread slices, Greek yoghourt, eggs and a sweetener of your choice. You can go all fancy with the choice of toppings to make this custard toast. Mix the yoghurt, eggs and honey/maple syrup in a bowl. Make dents in the middle of the bread without cutting it and spread the yoghurt mixture on the indented part. Arrange your toppings and bake the bread slices for about 10-12 minutes. You can garnish with powdered sugar or drizzle any sauce of your choice over it for a fancy look.

Excited enough to try this viral recipe? Do try for a quick breakfast and let us know how it turns out.