Varanasi Tea Seller Is Going Viral For His Unique Hajmola Chai
Image Credit: @areyouhungry3512/YouTube

The rise of social media has made the internet the biggest platform for people to express their views and showcase their talents. Every field, including the food industry, has become a part of it. Many chefs and street vendors share their unique recipes and culinary skills on social media and get a lot of attention and appreciation. Recently, a video of a Varanasi chaiwala went viral where he is seen selling hajmola tea. Here is the video. Take a look: 

Tea is an integral part of Indian cuisine and drinking it is a daily routine in most of the households. This iconic beverage is also the first thing that is served to the guests when they visit our house. Indians also love enjoying tea at the nearby “chai ki tapri” that gives an opportunity to chit-chat and relax for a while. There are many varieties of tea available in India, but the most common ones are milk tea and lemon tea.  

In this video, a tea seller can be seen preparing lemon tea with hajmola. Hajmola is basically a zingy and tangy candy that is known to help in digestion. This candy was a household name during the 80s and 90s. The chaiwala starts preparing his special tea by adding sugar in the glasses followed by ginger and mint leaves. Then he pours an already prepared tea leaves-water concoction into it with a few drops of lemon. After this step comes the real twist when he adds crushed hajmola to the tea and serves it to the customer. 

This tangy and sweet tea is very popular among the locals and many chai lovers and food bloggers have tried it. This video was uploaded by an account @shiv_yash_bhukkadofagra on Instagram and has got more than 2 million views. The name of his shop is Pappu Chaiwala and it's located in Assi Ghaat, Varanasi. So, if you happen to be in the city right now, visit this place and take a sip of this unique hajmola tea.