This Surat Vendor’s ‘Pizza Puri’ Has Created A Storm On The Internet
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of @thefoodiecam's post/Instagram

Pani puri lovers know that their street food saga can never be complete without gorging on an entire plate of pani puri all by themselves. The tantalising street food has tugged at the hearts of millions. However, the recent weird food trends of pani puri have left all the pani puri lovers disheartened. From chocolate pani puri to fire and Maggi pani puri, it seems like the real street food is on the verge of extinction (sobs). One more such trend of pani puri has taken over the internet. And guess what?! This time, it involves one of our favourite Italian delights - pizza. Yes, you heard it right. Two of our favourites are combined by a street vendor in Surat and netizens are clearly not liking it. Take a look at it yourself:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @thefoodiecam, we can see the vendor first stuffing the puris with a mixture of diced capsicum, onions and corn. This seasoned blend has replaced the typical aloo-chana mixture that we get in the typical pani puri. Instead, these pizza puris are stuffed with melted cheese and ketchup in place of the meetha and teekha pani. In the end, the pani puris are topped with grated cheese that is melted with the help of a flame thrower.  

The video has created a riot on the internet. Ever since it was uploaded, it has garnered around 141k views and around 9k likes. The comments section is filled with mixed reactions from the netizens. While some of them believe that the combination was unnecessary, others believe that it would actually taste good. However, some netizens are thankful as the combination is definitely better than Fanta Maggi and Maggi manchurian. Take a look at the comments:

“Yaar ajakal kisi bhi cheez pe cheese n vegetables, oregano add kr dalo toh pizza naam de dete hai. Panipuri ko to baksh do”

“Better than Maggi puri and Fanta puri”

“Pls ye cheej golgappo k sath rhne do pls”

Will you try this pizza puri? Do let us know.