This Summer Dress You Table With These Soothing Bengali Delicacies
Image Credit: Bengali Summer plate/ Ayandrali Dutta

Come summer and it’s not dress that our wardrobe changes, but also our plate and what we eat. We all look for something soothing, cooling that would be light, mild and less spicy. With the sun shining bright traditional summer foods make it to the table. Like any other region, Bengal too sees many such delights like Jhinge posto, Sojne phuler boda, Aam dal, aam chutney and more. Most of these dishes are light and water-based dishes and also helps to keep your body cool. Big on flavours most of these summer dishes are surely a treat this summer. 

Kacha Aam’er Tok Dal (Dal with Raw mango)

Tok dal is a summer staple. Made with masoor dal/ red lentils and raw mang this dal / lentil soup is a real delight. Absolutely light, this dal is tampered using kalongi or kala zeera. Aam dal is tangy and little sweetness. A dash of green chillies adds extra zing. Not just a palette cleanser this dish is absolutely easy to cook. 


This dish is known to have a p Portuguese connect. Having drawn inspiration from the Portuguese practice of stir-frying vegetables that were locally available and making it into a stew that was more like a palate cleanser, this dish came into existence. This Bengali vegetarian fare Loaded with all variety from Bitter Guard, Eggplant, Green Banana, Potato, Sweet potato, Drumsticks, White radish, and Hyacinth Beans, the main trick of cooking this dish lies in it’s tampering with that one exclusive spice. It’s the “Randhuni”( wild celery seeds).

Jhinge Posto

The classic all time Bengali favourite, posto is a nothing less than luxury. In summer it’s cooked with Jhinge/ Ridge Gourd is a Niramish tarkari  (veg dish) with posto (poppy seeds). the flavours of posto and mustard oil gives a special aroma. Cooked in minimum spices, ridge gourd is known for it’s high water content and low saturated fat and hence is much soothing during summer. 

Panta bhaat

Panta Bhaat aka Bengali fermented Congee, is an absolute summer delight. Also known as Pokhala or Ponta bhat in Odisha, Poita bhat in Assamese, this summer special dish served with some onions, green chillies, a aloo bhaja some tok with some drizzle of mustard oil and a fish fry is real foodgasm. This humble meal is a must for Poila boishak or the Bengali new year as rice holds a much ritualistic importance in all Bengali households. This humble meal is made with leftover rice and relished the next day that too cold. 

Sojne dantar torkari

Drumsticks are must to be celebrated in the plate during summer. Sojne danta or drumsticks sees a special place in Bengali plate. The torkari made with either just made with aloo and drumsticks or the panchmishali way using number of mixed veggies with drumsticks taking the centerstage. Cooked in mustard oil, this dish is pairs best with rice and dal.

Mourala macher tok

Tok means tangy and this dish sees Mourala Maach / Mola Carplet Fish that is either cooked with tamarind or raw mango. The sweet and tangy curry dish is an end to the meal. Tampered with some paanch phoren or five spice, this dish is simple and absolutely delectable.