This Summer, Beat the Heat With Refreshing Masala Shikanji
Image Credit: Instagram @rumkis.golden.spoon

While the summers have arrived early this year, we must keep our kitchen ready to beat the heat. Apart from blaming global warming, everyone's equally worried about the ways to tackle the scorching weather. From kids to adults, everyone craves a chilled drink to get refreshed. While some enjoy sweet-flavoured beverages, many people seek savoury alternatives. Sadly though, there are very few options available for them. That said, we can consider that the Indian masala shikanji is here to help. Shikanji is a favourite North Indian drink prepared in almost every household. It would probably not be wrong to say that in summer, lemons are brought home just to make shikanji. This easy-to-make summer drink is all set to give you the savoury yet refreshing experience that you were looking for. Here’s how you can quickly prepare it at home.



  • Lemon

  • Black salt

  • Chaat masala/jaljeera powder

  • Mint leaves

  • Sugar (to balance the sourness of the lemon)

  • Water



    • Take half a glass of water and mix sugar in it.

  • Cut thin slices of the lemon.

  • Now, take a big pot and add some crushed mint leaves and thin lemon slices to it.

  • Then, pour both sweet and plain water into the pot.

  • Squeeze a lemon into the pot.

  • Add black salt, chaat masala/jaljeera powder and then stir it well.

  • After this, you can add ice cubes or soda to your shikanji and enjoy your summer-ready drink.