This Street Food Was Part Of Shibani Dandekar’s Mehendi; 3 Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, From sweet potato to rabdi, there are plenty of golgappa recipes.

The time of marriages and proposals has made all of us wonder at some point in our lives as to what is so special about this time. With the pandemic crossing one wave after another, we also saw people getting hitched in a row. Be it someone from our own family or these celebrities, social media is full of hashtag #wedding goals. What I look forward to the most during weddings is the food. Definitely, getting all decked up is part of the charm but the food counter has my heart. The fact that you can devour a plethora of dishes all at once makes the foodie in me dance and twirl. 

Recently, Shibani Dandekar sealed the deal with Indian actor Farhan Akhtar and their pictures are all over social media. A carousel shared by Shibani from her Mehendi festivities was something that caught our eye. The stunning to-be bride was seen wearing a gorgeous attire and eating one of our favourite street foods, panipuri. Don’t believe us? Here take a look. 

Source: Shibani Dandekar/Instagram

Known by a variety of names in different parts of the country like golgappa, panipuri, puchka and batashe, this crunchy and watery street food is tangy and tasty. For those untouched by the phenomenon of golgappa, it is a ball of sooji or atta which is fried and then hollowed out to be stuffed with boiled chickpeas and potatoes. Tamarind chutney is drizzled onto it and then the panipuri is dipped in a pool of spicy mint-coriander flavoured water. While the method of preparation may vary from place to place, it is the essence of the dish that remains the same. 

From restaurants to small carts, panipuri aka golgappas can be found everywhere. Since we saw Shibani relishing her panipuri with utmost joy, we’ve fetched some interesting recipes for you too. 

1.  Rabdi Golgappas 

Want to give your golgappas a sweet touch? Try these rabdi-loaded bites. The chocolate golgappas are hollowed out and filled with oodles of creamy rabdi. Drizzle some sprinklers on it and enjoy the golgappa dessert. 

2.  Pizza Golgappas 

The Italians left us with their pizzas to enjoy. Now, we thought of giving our street fare some fusion touch and filling it with chopped onions, bell peppers and the like. Toss in some pizza sauce and you are good to go. 

3.  Sweet Potato Golgappa 

Replace your regular potatoes with diced sweet potatoes and relish the crunch. You can add sweet boondi to the mix in place of chickpeas and a sweet and tangy street food is ready.