This State's Chief Minister Visits Dolly Chaiwala For Tea
Image Credit: Instagram

In February, Dolly Chaiwala was making headlines because Bill Gates visited him and asked for a cup of tea. He was famous before as well but the fact that the Co-Founder of Microsoft tried a cup of tea at his stall and liked it made a huge difference. Recently, a video is going viral in which Nayab Singh Saini, Chief Minister of Haryana, also visited his stall and enjoyed tea along with his peers.

Dolly Chaiwala is a social media sensation today. His Instagram bio reads, “Dolly ki tapri me apka swagat hai (You are welcome at Dolly’s tapri).” Boasting over 23k followers on the platform, he often shares videos of him making tea, going on a world tour, and buying luxury cars and accessories.

Haryana Chief Minister Visits Dolly Chaiwala

In the viral video, Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini can be seen standing with his peers waiting for Dolly Chaiwala to give them their cups of tea. They were spotted having a conversation with the video content creator and relishing the hot beverage made by him.

Impressed by his skills, the Haryana CM was recorded presenting Dolly with a stainless steel kettle. It was bigger than the aluminium kettle that social media users spotted in Dolly’s video while he made tea for his regular and celebrity customers. 

People on social media were quick to point out that it was a publicity stunt by the minister amid the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in 2024. 

Who Is Dolly Chaiwala?

Dressed in regular pant-shirts, Dolly Chaiwala is a Nagpur-based vendor who runs a tea stall. He also posts videos on YouTube, where he has around 1.46 million followers. From Bill Gates to Nimrat Kaur, the vendor has catered to the requests of many celebrities, businessmen, social media influencers, and regular customers. 

With red streaks in hair and sunglasses, he is probably among the most stylish tea stall owners you will spot in India. Though his real identity is unknown to the world, social media users are his fans. Each of his recent videos on YouTube has garnered 100k views. Post Bill Gates and Nimrat Kaur visited his stall, he has been giving interviews to media and food bloggers visiting him, tasting his tea, and writing or publishing about him. He recently visited Dubai and posted a few reels from there showcasing the world that his hard work has helped him fulfil his dreams.