This Rajasthani Food Festival Explores Heritage Dishes Like Murgh Makki Ka Soyeta And Danna Methi Ki Sabzi
Image Credit: Achari Bateyar / The Oberoi, Gurgaon

Contemporary Indian cuisine is made even more special with Oberoi’s personalised service in this intimate fine dining space. Amaranta is all about presenting that timeless Indian classics and authentic flavours reconceived with a modern perspective. This place is all about an exceptional and elevated dining experience.

The restaurant is currently holding the  Rajasthani food festival under the sheer guidance of Chef Prem Singh who acquired his culinary skills in the kitchen of his grandfather hails from the rustic city of Raj Sambandh, close to Udaipur and is known for his knowledge and expertise in preparing the finest Rajasthani delicacies. 

At 𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒕𝒂, indulge in these classic signature delicacies from Rajasthan like the Safeed Maans, Murgh aur makai is soweta; Danna methi ki sabzi; Gulab jamun ki sabzi; Dal dhokli and much more. 

The festival was to end on 30th April 2022 however seeing the overwhelming response we have extended it until 8th May 2022.

Chef shares two of his exclusive recipes with us. 

Murgh makki ka soyeta

Achari bater/ The Oberoi, Gurgaon



    Quail /bateyar 1kg

    Mustard oil 50ml

    Whole red chilies 5no

    Chopped ginger 20gm

    Chopped garlic 50gm

    Chopped onion 100gm

    Ginger &garlic paste 30gm

    Slit green chilies 10no.

    Mango pickle paste 10gm

    Yellow chilly powder 10gm

    Turmeric powder 10gm

    Butter milk 1ltr.

    Salt According to taste

    Chopped coriander leaves 20gm


    Marinate the quail with ginger & garlic paste keep it aside for half an 


    Take heavy bottom pan and put it on slow flame.

    Add mustard oil followed by whole spices.

    Once whole spices are cooked for 2 minutes on slow flame, Add 

    chopped ginger & garlic followed by chopped onion.

    Sauté onion till translucent then add marinated quail and dry spices 

    powder & pickle mango paste

    Stir fry all the ingredients in the pan for 15 minutes on slow heat.

    Gently add whisked butter milk on slow flame to the pan and cook for 

    another 30 mins on slow heat by covering it with a lid.

    Finish with fresh coriander leaves and check for seasoning.