This Potato Chips And Chocolate Sauce Combo Will Make You Cringe
Image Credit: Taste of Home

We are already in March and pretty aware of the food trends that are creating a buzz on social media, and those that are likely to rule 2022. From bizarre tricks that are enough to make you gag to combos that can make you drool instantly, there have been food trends of all sorts in the past three months. Sadly though, weird food combinations dotting our social media pages are far from getting over. Among the latest is a dish that involves two of our favourite treats - potato chips and chocolate sauce. 

Most of us depend on potato chips when it comes to mindless munching or a quick grab, while no dessert is complete without a generous smearing of chocolate sauce. But combining the two is not what we will ever desire. Disastrous enough, right? A food blogger, with the username @sooosaute, has taken to her Instagram handle and tried dipping potato chips in chocolate sauce. She begins with pouring the contents of a packet of Lay’s into a bowl. She, then, pours melted chocolate into a plate and covers the chips in the chocolate sauce. Once the chips are coated in the sauce and frozen, the blogger goes ahead and takes a bite of it. Want to know her reaction? Watch the video here:

Weren’t her expressions enough to let you know the taste? The video was uploaded four days ago and has since garnered about 31k likes, 657k views and hundreds of comments from disgusted Instagram users. Take a look at the comments:

“Use me as a dislike button”

“Tumlog ko yeh chocolate aur chips kahi se free ke milte hi waste karne par lagai rehte ho !!!”

“Common sense paharo mein ghumne Gaya hai”

Do you still have any hopes for interesting food trends in the near future? Well, we don’t. Do let us know what you think about this combo.