This Place Is Brings Back The Bombay Yatch Club Feel

Think of the Bombay clubs, the old colonial ones they absolutely give a feel and vibe of the bygone era. And keeping up with the same vibe Delhi peeps gets a chance to soak in at Bombay Club, founded by Amanda Bhandari. Having more than a decade-long experience in the food and beverage industry you can surely except the best out of this place and yes she has truly paid the right homage to the maximum city which she loves. 

This beautiful restaurant has opened in one of the most sought-after spot in the city that’s the Delhi’s Dhan Mill Compound, one of the hottest spot these days. The moment you step in the subtle ambiance, minimalist setup and the play of daylight along with vintage photographs, antique looking chandeliers brighten up the place.

Talking of food the list is endless as menu sees some delectable range of Goan, Parsi, Mangalorean, Anglo-Indian and not miss some all time favourites Mumbai or Bombay special as they like to say. An ode to the Mumbaiya or the Bombay feel the Amanda has made sure the menu is done by the best as the famous Parsi section sees the intervention of none other than Anahita Dhody while the typical Bombay style street food has been taken care by Nishit Dalal who also runs a very amazing Mumbai style street food pop up in Delhi. 

From the Dabeli to keema pao to the Bombay fish and chips or British Wigg inspired Bun Maska Trio or the Avo egg hopper and Akoori to the Baida Roti or even the three Vada Pops a assorted snack plate made with Sabudana, batata to Kothimbir each is a stellar, but to miss that the Avo egg hopper is everything but ordinary with that smashed avocado and poached eggs on top and the spicy peanut chutney does the magic.

 Talking of beverages the  highly recommended ones are the Bombay Raspberry Soda, Kokum Cooler And The Passio Fruit Kafir Mojito Popcorn Lemonade, Green Chilli Banta and Kokum Mary pairs perfect with any plate but their Cutting chai is tops the list paired with the not so simple Malai Cheeni Toast which is bruléed tutti-fruity brioche with delicious homemade clotted cream and seasonal fruit.

With each dish perfect to the tee, the place, the vibe, the feel, tops the chart of one of a kinda of place that Delhi surely needed.