This Parle G Halwa Has Divided The Internet, Tried It Yet

The internet can be and interesting place for us foodies. We see a new variation of coffee, pasta and chips every other day and by the time we get to try it, we already have another trend taking the internet by storm. Some of these videos make you salivate, some simply leave you puzzled. And one such recent video is that of Parle G Halwa. For the uninitiated, Parle G, is one of India’s most beloved glucose biscuits. The home-grown biscuit has a massive fan following in the subcontinent. It is best paired with a hot cup of Kadak Chai, but rarely does it feature in a halwa, in any capacity.  

A recent video shared by @MFuturewala has clocked more than 7K views on the microblogging site. The unusual recipe has divided the internet, with some even calling it a “crime”. Both halwa and Parle G are loved immensely, but together, they may irked even the fans. But is it really that bad an idea? We mean, we have seen weirder combinations such as Rooh Afza Maggi in the past. Here at least, two ‘sweet elements’ are being fused.  

Here’s how the Halwa was prepared by the blogger. First, she took some clarified butter or ghee in a pan. Then she added some Parle-G biscuits to the ghee and roasted it nicely on both sides. These biscuits are then transferred to a bowl and crushed. Post this, the crushed biscuits are added to the pan and cooked with water, sugar, milk until it leaves ghee and the halwa is ready. The halwa is garnished with chopped pistachios. After the halwa cools down, the blogger also uses her palms to make small laddoos from the mixture.  

While the recipe looks very tempting to us, one of the users also commented how the same recipe could have been prepared with “just wheat flour, ghee and sugar.”