This ‘Paniwala’ Omelette Made With Water Has Left Internet In Awe

Let’s admit it. A lot of use here started our day with an omelette, and perhaps we would do the same tomorrow as well. For people who eat eggs, it is simply so easy to grab one, beat it and make one simple, fuss-free omelette, the only other, basic requirement is that of oil, or maybe, not even that.

That’s right. This Old Delhi street food vendor is going viral because of his unique omelette. Called ‘Paniwala’ omelette, this omelette does not use a single drop of oil or butter. It is instead cooked with the help of water or ‘Paani’. This viral video posted on the page @AreYouHungry captured the making of the same. When asked if there is some oil mixed in the water, he hands over the sealed water bottle to the creator and asks him to take a sip of the same and check for himself. Further, in a hot tawa, he pours some amount of water, because the tawa is so hot, you immediately hear the sizzling sound. Then he breaks two eggs in a bowl and beats the same with onions, chillies, salt, red chilli powder, mixed masalas using a whisk. On the other hand, the water boils on the tawa. He pours the egg mixture on the tawa, and explains that ‘it is easy for the egg to stick to the pan, to ensure that does not happen, you have to roast it very gently, it is a skill.’ Then he adds a handful of chopped tomatoes, scrambled eggs and coriander for “presentation”. After a while, he scrapes the edges of the omelette in making. “Halki sikai, pe ye sikega, isko 5 ya 7 minute aur lagenge, tabhi ye ready hoga (it would cook on low flame for five to seven more minutes’. Then, he adds more water from the sides and flips it over.  

The video has collected close to a million views in six days, and the comments section is filled with many kinds of comments.

“Oil prices are rising everyday , Le uncle, lets use water”, wrote a user.  

“Just use  non-stick pan, Pani ki zarurat hi nahi padegi”, wrote another.

“My respect for water had increased”, read another comment.  

What do you think about this unique omelette, do let us know in the comments section below