Have You Tried These 3 Vodka-Based Cocktails Yet?
Image Credit: The Elder Flower Lemonade

Vodka is a star ingredient of any alcoholic beverage. Be it martini or fruit gypsy, this clear distilled alcoholic beverage has always amped up the celebrations. It is mainly composed of water and ethanol along with some flavourings. The distilled spirit is commonly made out of grains or potatoes. Originating from Russia and Poland, this clear beverage has made a proper space in the market of alcohol. It is drunk worldwide in diverse styles beginning from consuming straight to mixed drinks. Being an essential ingredient at every bar, this clear alcohol has grabbed a position in the top spirits of the world.  

Unlike other spirits, this versatile liquor has no set regulations governing its production. The standard method for making vodka is by fermenting and distilling grains or potatoes. It is a rectified spirit as the grains are distilled three to five times. Recently, the flavoured vodkas have started occupying the market. Fruits, vanilla and chocolate are some flavours that have been trending recently and ingredients like fresh fruits and herbs are also being infused nowadays. These flavours can be natural as well as artificial. This beverage has also made an appearance in some foods like pasta and desserts. 

Vodka is one of the classic alcohols that rules any cocktail party. This neutral base spirit can complement varieties of cocktail recipes. This National Vodka Day, raise a toast to these delicious vodka-based cocktails from RCB Bar and Café!    

1.The Honky Tonk Woman  

It is ideal if you’re looking for a summery, fruity blend!  


  • 45ml sweet and sour mix  
  • 60ml vodka  
  • Fresh watermelon  
  • Kafir lime  
  • Lemongrass  
  • Fresh watermelon to garnish   


  • Muddle the fresh watermelon, kafir lime, and lemongrass together. Shake hard with the sweet and sour mix and vodka. Serve and garnish with freshly cut watermelon.   

2.The Elder Flower Lemonade  

This cocktail is the perfect sweet and sour beverage for a sunny day.   


  • 20ml sweet and sour mix  
  • 10ml elderflower syrup   
  • 75ml of white spirits mix (equal parts of tequila, vodka, white run, gin, triple sec)  
  • Lemonade  
  • Starfruit to garnish  


  • Mix the sweet and sour mix and elderflower syrup into 75ml of White Spirits mix. Top with lemonade and garnish with starfruit 

3.Try the Long Island Iced Tea  

It is for a strong, powerful kick.   


  •   30ml sweet and sour mix  
  •  75 ml of white spirits mix (5 ml equal parts of tequila, vodka, white run, gin, triple sec)  
  •  Cola  
  • Starfruit to garnish  


  • Mix the sweet and sour mix into 75ml of White Spirits mix. Shake together, top with cola and garnish with starfruit.