This Naani’s Reaction After Having Pasta For The First Time Is Priceless
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Reel by @dash.ofdelish_17

If your grandparents love pizza and pasta as much as you do, believe me, you are lucky. But most often, we have seen our grandparents and other elderly relatives only indulge in the traditional recipes. Especially in India, our grandparents would most often be seen enjoying softer foods. Be it simple dal, khichdi or rice. And if not softer or lighter, it would mostly be all Indian. They would hardly prefer foods from different cuisines, let alone digging into a bowl full of creamy pasta. And even if they do, they might not like the taste of it. But, once in a blue moon, someone or the other from our elderly generation absolutely loves the taste of our fast food. And their joy and reaction upon indulging in a new cuisine are too good to miss! 

While we may have seen those baby videos with their reaction to trying a particular food for the first time, videos with the elderly are rare. Thanks to the internet, we recently saw someone’s grandmother trying pasta for the first time, and it’s all things love. Her adorable reaction has won the heart of many on the internet.

In a video shared by Sonakshi, a nutritionist, on her Instagram handle @dash.ofdelish_17, we can see her naani (maternal grandmother) trying pasta for the first time. In the clip, her grandmother tries homemade spinach pasta and says, "Kitna aacha banaya hai, Wah Wah (you have made it very well, wow). Then when Sonakshi asks her, "Acha laga naani? (did you like it?)", the grandmother replies to her, saying, "Bohot aacha, beautiful (very good, beautiful!)." Take a look at the cute video here:

 Sonakshi also said that her grandmother doesn’t eat store-bought food. In the caption, she also mentioned that the creamy spinach pasta was made without onion and garlic. She also added, "I have never seen someone so enthusiastic about food and life in general at her age. She is in her early 90s, so full of life, ready to explore and learn new things. She is learning to speak English these days, learning new words and sentences like beautiful, yummy, not okay, you are bad, shut up, I want to pee. It is so refreshing to spend time with grandparents; they are the cutest, most loving people on earth.”

Netizens are in love with the refreshing video ever since it was uploaded, and have been viewed 174k times, while garnering more than 10k likes and hundreds of comments. "This was my dadi's reaction when I made pizza for her", wrote one user, while another person said, "This video is soo beautiful and love to this cutest Naani". One more user commented, "Cutest naaniji. My regards to her. This reminds me of my husband's daadi."  

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