What’s your idea of an ideal winter evening? For me, it's snuggling in my warm comforters, binge-watching my favourite sitcoms with a cup of warm beverage and some snacks on the side. There is no joy compared to this. Be it chai and biscuit or coffee and cookie, the pairing of a warm drink and some delicious snacks is ubiquitous to my winter evenings. The decadent combination of sweet and spicy is to die for.  

We know that the pairing of snacks and desserts/beverages comes to your mind first but will you believe us if we say you can savour the combination of sweet and spicy in just one beverage? Yes, you heard it right. We have brought to you a warm and comforting drink that is perfect to soothe you up this winter. Slurping down a glass of hot and indulgent hot chocolate with a hint of spices is absolute bliss during these chilly evenings. The sweet and spicy melange will warm you up in the right way this snow season.  

Having hot chocolate on a winter evening is a mandatory ritual in western countries and the deliciousness of the beverage has transcended boundaries to warm people up across the world now. The chocolatey delight is smooth, creamy and lip-smackingly delicious. Giving this western drink a desi twist by adding a hint of some typical Indian spices is an experiment to surely try this winter. The drink has everything as that of tea except the tea leaves.  

To make masala hot chocolate at home, gather all the ingredients that you need to make hot chocolate plus some Indian spices like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. You can also add a bay leaf to instill some more flavours in the drink. Boil milk, sugar and cocoa powder with these spices to perfection. Strain the drink to remove the spices and boil it again after adding some dark chocolate chunks to make it silky, smooth and creamy. Pour this drink into a glass and voila!  

Try this hot chocolate this winter and let us know how you like it.