This Man’s Magic Tricks With Sugar Has Netizens Gobsmacked
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of @overtime's video on Twitter

If we begin to list out our fondest childhood memories, then watching magic shows at schools and during festivities near pandals has to be one of them. Watching magicians perform tricks with utmost amazement and curiosity was one of the best things about our childhoods. Not to miss trying them out at home and failing miserably. However, as we grew older, we came to know how easy and simple those tricks were. That wasn’t real magic but just clever tricks applied to amaze the audience. Although most of us think that we are old enough to not believe in these tricks now, there is one video that will prove us wrong. And most importantly, the magic trick is done with a simple ingredient. There’s nothing fancy like a pigeon and it doesn’t involve cutting oneself with a sword. This magic trick is done with sugar and is too fun to miss.

In this video shared by the Twitter account @overtime, a man is seen performing a magic trick with sugar. Just like our childhood fantasy shows, he opens a sachet of sugar and blows it in the air. Just as the sugar starts dispersing he says “Freeze” and makes everyone believe that the sugar particles have actually frozen mid-air. Some moments later, he says “unfreeze” and the sugar particles start dispersing in the air again. Amazing, isn’t it? The account has posted the video with the caption “I’ve watched this 57 times and still can’t figure it out”.

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has been retweeted about 30.2k times and has 180 likes. The video has gained the attention of netizens who have been stunned by the trick. They have shown their amazement in the comments section. A user has written- “Oh my gosh it's really amazing; I don't know how to do it” while another has commented: “Alright, I am impressed!”.

Another user has tried to explain the trick- “No, it is actually a fake thumb that is already inside of his left hand, and after pouring the sugar, he put his right-hand thumb inside of it. I know this because that fake thumb used to be the best magic trick in my high school." A similar comment has also caught the attention of the netizens- “One of my favourite tricks. I have done it many times. I never tell the secret. I never do it on request. Always spontaneous and unexpected."

No matter what, the flawless presentation of the trick is surely commendable. Are you equally stunned by this trick? Do let us know in the comments section.