This Lost Recipe Of Lahori Chargha Is A Marker Of Undivided India And Deserves Our Attention
Image Credit: This lost recipe of undivided Punjab is still popular in Lahore.

The Partition of the country in 1947 was a period of bloodshed and gore realities. People transported to either sides of the newly-demarcated border and the tragedies and trauma of this massive shift followed. My grandmother was a witness of these extreme circumstances and she recalls how the horror of that time still lingers on and sends a shudder down her spine when she visualizes those scenes. This was a time of intense tension and chaos among the people of both the countries. What got lost in the process was a rich and diverse culture and traditional values of the people. The two-nation theory might have been executed as desired by Mohd. Ali Jinnah but the cultural instincts of the population could not be divided based on a mere piece of paper. 

Since the nations were a unified territory at one point of time, the intermingling and sharing of cultures was bound to happen. People exchanged traditions, rituals, practices and even palates. There are several culinary gems that were lost in the separation of the two countries. One such dish is the Lahori Chargha. As the name suggests, the origins of the dish can be traced back to undivided Punjab or present-day Lahore. Derived from the Pashto language that was prevalent in the region, Chargha refers to chicken. This special chicken dish is still eaten and loved in Pakistan.

Taking a stroll down the streets of our next-door neighbours, you would find the aroma of this luscious chicken dish captivating. The country is also home to some of the best Mughlai fare in the world with fragrant pulaos, kormas and curries making everyone’s mouth water. But wait, what is Lahori Chargha exactly? Let’s find out. 

Digging Into The Pakistani Lahori Chargha 

There are plenty of lost recipes of Punjab that deserve our attention today and Lahori Chargha is one of them. It is a special Pakistan fried chicken recipe which is absolutely worth trying. While making Lahori Chargha, the whole chicken is marinated in a host of spices like green chillies, ginger and garlic. The chicken is nicely removed of its skin and then kept in marination overnight so that flavours of the spices get infused properly. The deep-cuts made in the chicken enable this process. The twin-cooking method of this dish is what makes it unique. 

Traditionally, to make Lahori Chargha, the whole marinated chicken is first steamed and then deep-fried in oil. The use of charcoal lends a smoky touch to the meaty dish. The dish is so wholesome and filling that you will find it hard to resist. Fun Fact: The dish was so nutritious and kept you full for longer hours due to which it was made a part of the diet of wrestlers. 

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