This ‘Kaju, Gur, Chironji And Paneer Paratha’ Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend To Stun The Internet
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It raining parathas on the internet, and while we are always up for a good, loaded paratha with a dollop of butter, however when you start stuffing the same with gulab jamun, maggi and candies, we are bound to feel a wee bit queasy. For the unversed, Paratha is a classic Indian flatbread that could be enjoyed plain, and can be stuffed with potatoes, paneer, cauliflower and a variety of other veggies and yet, many Indian street food vendors are adamant on experimenting with bizarre paratha fillings. We were only recovering from the horror of gulab jamun paratha, and now we have another bizarre paratha to wrap our heads around.

In a viral Instagram reel posted by shiv_yash_bhukkadofagra, we came across a unique paratha, in which the vendor can be seen mixing a range of dry fruits and paneer for the unique filling. True to its name, ‘Anokhe  Parathe’, a street food stall in Agra is serving up a range of off-beat parathas, and for this particular paratha that is going viral, the vendor takes a block of jaggery and cuts out some fine slices of the same, then he adds some cashews on top of the jaggery, followed by chironji and some paneer and mashes everything together. Then he takes a big piece of dough and rolls it flat. Further, he takes the nutty filling and places it right in the centre, and folds the edges of the dough together to make a big pocket. Then he rolls out this stuffed dough pocket until it is round and flat. After this, he roasts the paratha on a hot tawa and laces it with a generous amount of ghee on both sides. He roasts the parathas until it is nice and brown. He transfers the cooked paratha on a plate and cuts it into several pieces and serves it with two types of chutney, both green in colour.  

The reel has collected over 701k views in less than two weeks, and the comments section is abuzz with mixed reactions. While some seem super impressed, calling it “Behtereen”, “Yummy” and better than “Pizza Vizza” . Some seemed plain confused.  

“Calories and calories”, wrote a user.

“Too heavy”, wrote another.

 What are your thoughts on the paratha, do let us know if you would like something similar. And if your heart is craving for a simple, home-made aloo paratha, then we have got you covered too. Here’s a simple, fool-proof recipe of Aloo paratha. Have it with raita or chutney and enjoy.