This Italian Dish Is Giving Bhumi Pednekar Utmost ‘Joy’
Image Credit: Bhumi Pednekar/Instagram, The actress digs into good food on her cheat days.

Her weight-loss journey has definitely been an inspiring one, but what makes Bhumi Pednekar even more relatable is her love for food. The Bollywood actor might be eating clean on most days, but when it’s time for cheat meals, she goes all out. Her recent Italian indulgence is giving her unmatched joy.

Recently, Bhumi took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of the food that is giving her utmost “joy”, as she writes. It is a plateful of spaghetti, topped with grated cheese with some basil leaves and cherry tomatoes popping in corners. The dish looked absolutely delectable and we just wanted to dive right in. The fact that it is covered in so much cheese tells us that it was surely Bhumi’s cheat day yesterday.

This is not the first occasion when she’s been digging into good food. Earlier, on Ganesh Chaturthi, she sent across her warm wishes while praying that everyone gets to eat loads of modaks. Next up, we saw her eating one herself as she wrote, “modak for breakfast, lunch and dinner”. The actress seemed to be pretty excited about the festival.

Earlier, she was also caught gorging on a huge Rajasthani thali. We were so amazed at the large platter that was kept in front of her. She even tried to fool the users by sharing multiple pictures, by the end of which the thali was empty. She claimed that she finished it all by herself which we find slightly hard to believe. Interestingly, this one time, she was seen sipping on a cup of coffee and it turns out that it was ghee coffee. This type of coffee is the same but with a slight addition of ghee that makes the concoction nutritious.

In one of her AMA sessions on Instagram, the actor confessed that she’s a big-time foodie and cannot pick one dish. She also revealed how she loves ice cream and could eat it for all three meals of her day. Nevertheless, to maintain her weight and body, she eats clean on most days, and tries to balance it out with a workout regime while taking a cheat meal every eight days.