Teas and all its variations are known for having different benefits. Some of the most well-known benefits include the presence of antioxidants, reducing the risk of heart disease and boosting the immune system. During the pandemic, people began putting their health above all. New trends are defining the tea industry in India and consumers' interest has increased to buy premium tea products. 

To celebrate the everlasting love for chai on International Tea Day (May 21), CRED is hosting a Tea Flea on its in-app e-commerce store with upto 75% discounts on a wide selection of teas from leading D2C brands like Vahdam, Auric, Tea Origin, Mcleod Russell, Nargis Tea, Udyan Tea and more. One can choose from a selection of over 70 teas to choose from across health benefit categories like sleep, immunity, weight, and detox. 

A look at options to add health benefits to your daily cup of chai:

Tea for a good night’s sleep

    Rose Mint and energise combo by Oh Cha - A mix of organic tea green, turmeric giloy, tulsi, rose petals and mint blends, surprise your taste buds with this tea

    Pure Chamomile flowers by Tea Origin - Bring home a tasty, daily let the calming cup of chamomile tea keep you healthy and help you sleep better

    Sereni tea pack by Yuva Soul - This assortment of variants that will make your tongue bloom with fine herbal teas that gives you the benefits of tulsi, rose, hibiscus and other floral treats

Tea for  good sleep/ Pic- Pexels.com


    Earl grey green tea by Mai-T - A green tea that feels like therapy. This tea is sourced from Darjeeling and blended with bergamot extract

    Maharani’s choice rose buds herbal tea by Isvaari - A brew that boosts your Vitamin C. This pack of herbal white tea that contains rosebuds help improve your immunity and nourish your skin

Tea for boosting immunity

    Immunity Green tea by The Healthy Company - This immunity strengthening green tea is formulated with natural ingredients

    Ayurvedic chai by Nargis tea - This ayurvedic tea made with super ingredients like tulsi, mulethi and more heals you from the inside

    Wellness pack by Yuva Soul - Build your immunity from ground up and get this wellness pack that consists of a plant-based powder that help your body fight small aliments

    Six chamber box by Oh Cha - Sip your way to a healthier you with this box of six signature tea variants, all handpicked form lush estates in Assam

    Immunity booster combo pack by Udyan Tea - The perfect start to your health reigne can now be a tea. Made with 100% natural ingredients, the set of tea in this combo comes with herbal ingredients that boosts your immunity

Tea for weight loss and fitness

    Slimming tea by Tea Origin - A tea blend that helps in weight management, as it consists of powerful natural ingredients that aid the fat burning powers of garcinia cambogia and other natural ingredients to help in weight loss

    She-B well tea by Amaara Herbs - Brew a cup and secure your wellness with this pack of herb-based brews that are engineered for women wellness

    Classic Matcha green tea by Mcleod Russel 1869 - This 100% authentic and certifies matcha green tea helps in weight loss and maintaining blood sugar levels

Blended tea is good for health / Pic- https://www.freepik.com/


    Weight combo by Oh Cha - A weight combo kit that includes tea blends that are infused with spices and Himalayan rock salt that helps increasing immunity and makes you feel great throughout the day

    Keto shredder tea plan by The Healthy Company - This is a perfect healthy solution to boost your ketosis naturally, reduce cholesterol and get you in shape. It's made up of 100% natural green tea blend that's infused with garcinia, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger which supports your health

Tea for detoxification

    Tulsi herb tea by Amaara Herbs - This herbal tea accelerated your wellness goals, as it is made with all natural and organic ingredients that improve your metabolism and help in losing weight

    Turmeric spiced herbal tea by Tea Origin - Made with the finest quality of turmeric, ginger and cinnamon, this tea helps in digestion, fighting inflammation and improves body resistance

    Calm me tea combo by Udyan Tea - This combo is made with antioxidants and powered with antiseptic properties. Lavender helps you de-stress and roose enhances your mood by uplifting your sense

    Herbal Kashmiri Kahwa green tea by Isvaari - This herbal Kashmiri Kahwa green tea infused with spices help improve metabolism and cleanses the digestive system

These teas are just a sneak peek, but there are more that you can explore. On International Tea Day, log in to the CRED and shop the different tea flavours from the tearoom in the CRED store section.